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RLG100Y1 Lecture Notes - Yevamot, Genesis Rabbah

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Sol Goldberg

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January 21, 13
Cosmological Submission and Social Hierarchies
Rabbinic Sources:
- Pg78: How do the Rabbis reconcile G1:27?
“So G-d created humankind in his image, in the image of G-d he
created them; male and female he created them.”
^first part it talks in a singular and the second part is a plural.
Genesis Rabbah 18.4 There‟s 2 Eves – R. Judah First he created
her for him and then he made her again. They were full of discharge
and blood which was disgusting and G-d destroyed the first Eve.
what this does to women how people view women. Social orders and
Reflective of their social context. -
- Pg81: What is the value of the rib? What does that say about
women‟s tendencies and the proper social order? (Genesis Rabbah
- Giving examples from the great women of the bible to show how
“crappy” they are.
- Rib = modesty tucked away, always concealed also the bone is
always concealed by the skin. Only valued if you are modest and
- No examples of positive qualities.
- If one is not modest then they are a coquette, etc…
- We “know” if she isn‟t modest then she is all of the other listed
- All the listed things = the breakdown of social cohesion. What
men understand to be social disorder.
Jewish Sources:
- 81: In Genesis Rabbah 18.2, why the rib?
- 81-82: In Genesis Rabbah 17.8, what does earth and bone say
about men‟s and women‟s tendencies?
- 84:85: What‟s the difference between Adam and Eve‟s beauty and
why is there a difference?
- 92: The curses on Eve are pretty serious in „Erubin 100b, but Sotah
12b has a softer side. There what restores a woman‟s body to her
pre-Fall body?
- If a woman listens to her husband she will have birth w/o pain.
- But women will never be able to get to it.
- If a baby dies, it is b/c she was a rebel and didnt listen to her
Christian Sources:
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