Christianity Movie notes These notes are taken from the movie that RLG100 students watched for christianity. It explains a whole lot about christianity, its origin, and early structure. The movie is made through a historical-critical perspective.

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Published on 16 Oct 2011
The Quest for the Historical Jesus
No sources from Jesus’ life
Jesus low class
The Place and Times in which Jesus Grew Up: Rome ruled Jesus’ homeland. Archaeological findings raise questions about
Jesus' social class and indicate Galilee was a hotbed of radicalism.
Jesus was born under Roman rule
Augustis Cesar Claimed son of a God
Rome had a great empire
o Included Palestine and Judea, where Jesus was born and grew
Jesus was born in Nazareth near the sea of Galilee
Recent archaeological Discoveries at Sepphoris
o Discoveries made us unsure of the belief of Jesussocial economic setting
o As the discoveries show, Jesus was quite involved with the modern life
o Scholars question Jesus being the humble carpenter
Calling someone a carpenter is not to show respect, but to degrade
o Jesus most likely went to Sepphoris to earn his living
You couldn’t deal either in market or workplace without knowing Greek
Sepphoris was a thoroughly Jewish city
Judaism was completely Jewish
o Born of Jewish mother
o All friends were Jews
o Worshipped in Jewish synagogues
o Preached from Jewish texts
Jesus was Born, Lived, and Died a Jew: He was influenced by Judaism's rich diversity, including the Essenes, an apocalyptic
sect, and John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus.
In this period, there was only ONE temple
o Center of religious life
o Josephus one temple for the One God
o Temple was a very powerful unifying place in Jewish community
o Most holy place
o Symbolic part of the country
o Although the temple was a centerpiece of Jewish life and religion, Judaism was not a state religion; Judaism
was very diverse
People who weren’t priests at all had absolutely strict opinions on how the Priests should run their business
Dead Sea Scrolls
o Found isolated from Jerusalem
o Produced by Essenes
Abandoned Jerusalem in protest against how the temple was being run
A monastic community
An apocalyptic sect thought themselves to be the true form of the religion
God is finally going to solve the problem of injustice, and evil in the world by totally
eradicating evil and the good are going to live with God in justice with holiness
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There will be a battle against good and evil of not just people but also cosmic forces, for
which the good cosmic forces will win
They meant that the present evil age is coming to an end
o Heard of two messiahs
Messiah of Airen: A priestly figure who will restore the temple to its proper worship of God
Messiah of David: Come to lead a war
o The Essenes influenced Jesus
o John the Baptist
Proclaimed to repent
A renowned kind of eccentric who had a quality of a prophetic figure
Jesus was a follower of John; he was baptized by John
Jesus was the one predicted by John
John the Baptist vs. Jesus
John: Apocalyptic escatology (somebody who see that the problem with the world is so
radical that it is going to take a divine radicality)
Jesus: Ethical escatology (God demands us to do something about the evil in the world)
Jesus became a preacher following John
Jesus the Preacher: His preaching got him into conflict with the Roman empire.
Centred in towns of his home region (around Galilee)
Jesus healing powers
Romans Why would God work with a Jewish peasant
o Would have struck the Romans
Either people focused on Jesus as a social reformer, or as an apocalyptic firebrand
o Both reflected in gospels tradition
Jesus found himself in conflict with Romans
o The core of Jesus’ preaching is the kingdom of God
o The kingdom the roman empire
o If you would mention the Kingdom of god and put it in tension with the Roman Kingdom, you were making
a very caustic criticism of the Roman empire and you were claiming it to be not a kingdom of God
Everything Jesus did was politically dangerous
The Romans took anything that questioned their authority very severely and produced harsh consequences
The Last Days in Jerusalem: The Gospels agree the politically charged climate was the occasion for his arrest, but what
happened next, and the priests' role, is unclear.
Jesus moved to Jerusalem, an area ruled directly by Rome through Pontius Pilate
Pontius Pilate
o Governor from26 to 36Ad
o Jesus died under Pilate
o Eschatological prophets would emerge and Pilate would have no hesitation in killing them
People all over the empire went to the Passover
o Jesus comes up to town too although he could have had the Passover at his home town
o Pilate would get concerned when there would be large crowds of Jews
It is unclear how Jesus gets into trouble
o Jesus sounds more like the Essenes, who claim the temple to be “too Roman
o Jesus throws out all the buyers and sellers in the temple according to all four of the Gospels
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The place and times in which jesus grew up: rome ruled jesus" homeland. Jesus" social class and indicate galilee was a hotbed of radicalism. Augustis cesar claimed son of a god. Included palestine and judea, where jesus was born and grew. Jesus was born in nazareth near the sea of galilee. Recent archaeological discoveries at sepphoris: discoveries made us unsure of the belief of jesus" social economic setting, as the discoveries show, jesus was quite involved with the modern life, scholars question jesus being the humble carpenter. Calling someone a carpenter is not to show respect, but to degrade. Jesus most likely went to sepphoris to earn his living. You couldn"t deal either in market or workplace without knowing greek. Judaism was completely jewish: born of jewish mother, all friends were jews, worshipped in jewish synagogues, preached from jewish texts.