RLG100Y1 Lecture Notes - Barzakh, Dream Interpretation, Cultural Relativism

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28 Nov 2010
Religion 249 Tuesday November 10th 2009
Muslim Dreams:
Islamic tradition:
-qur!an and hadith
-NIght Journey
-throughout most of Islamic history dreams were very important and played big function
QU!RAN (how do dreams relate to it)
-prophet Muhammad's own revelation began in form of dreams, he was in isolated
retreat in mountains and Gabriel revealed to him in form of dreams,continued in trance
like vision states, prophetical dreams
-Yusuf/Joseph(sura 12) story of yusuf similar to joseph in bible. dreaming the 11 stars
bowing down to them. egypt king dreaming cows eating cows
-Ibrahim and Isaac,
-sleep and death 39:42 (god takes the souls of those who die and sleep, but those who
dont die get their souls back upon awakening..in sleep your soul travels which is why
you can communicate with the dead)
Three Kinds of Dreams in Islamic Tradition
1) hadith nafsi: reflecting wishes and worries
2) hulm: sent by devil or evil spirits
3) ru!ya: a divinely inspired dream or waking vision
-whole body of literature referring to Muhammad, he would ask friends what they dreamt
last night and interpret it, learned the 3 kinds of dreams and what to do with bad dreams
of devil you spit over shoulder 3 times
-prophet muhammad as a dream interpreter
-dream-visions is one of 46 parts of prophecy
-"whoever has seen me has truly seen me!
The Night Journey
-descibed in qu!ran and hadith
-two parts:
from mecca to jerusalem
through the heavens
-disagreement: physical journey or dream?
Dreams in Sufism (why dreams important?)
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