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Four rightly guided caliphs
1. Caliphs 2.Abu Bakk 3.Umar 4.Utmman 5.Ali
Sunni &Shia
Umayyad Dynasty
Four rightly guided caliphs
Caliphs are the prophets successor as the head of the Muslim
community. The primary political and administrative head
Abu Bakk was a very good friend of Mohammad. He was the first
caliph, religious and political leader of the Muslim community. He only
ruled 2 years but consolidated and expanded the Muslim world.
Umar was a former companion of Mohammad. He was the second
caliph. He ruled for 10 years and was regarded as a military genius.
He expanded Islam militarily, religiously and socially, taking the
Persian Empire, area of modern day Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, etc. He
also adopted the convention of dating from the 622 (migration to
Medina) assassinated at last
Utmman was another former companion of Mohammad also the third
caliph. In his time, there was increasing corruption, nepotism and
Ali was the son in law of Mohammad. There was some resistance of his
success and finally he was assassinated also.
The four figures had more or less close relationship with Muhammad and guided
the community more or less appropriately.
Sunni &Shia
Sunni: majority of the community (85%) viewed Ali as one of the
rightly guided caliphs
Shia: leadership should go to Ali the first place; Ali is the only
legitimate leader/heir of the Muslim Community, the only right
Imam leader.
-- They have different understandings of the legitimacy of leadership;
-- Formed the two major denominations of Islam.
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