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or thodoxy/orthopr axy
iman 5 points
Din 5 points
It is the central and pr imary scripture of Islam, a collection of all the revelations
received by Mohammad from the angel Gabriel from 610 CE to 632 CE. It is
thought to be the direct word from God spoken to Muslim community about
creating an ummah(a community united by faith)
Structures: It is nearly as long as New Testament and consists of 114 chapters. It
consists of stories, parables and verses, etc. And is not organized chronologically.
Eg, the f irst revelation is in chapter96
Contents: a great deal of materials. Some focus on examples, stories of prophet,
others on histor ical events. Some are didactic, about individual moral issues,
others are about social concerns
Compiling: Mohammad himself was illiterate, so his community helped him to
recount the revelation and these documents were collected by his first generation.
After the death of prophet in 632 CE, the only physical recorders were fragments
written on stones, bones, leaves, etc. The compiling is finished under the third
Concepts: God’s ess ence is unknowable and beyond everything. He is known
through the Quran as the ‘most beautiful names
Status: immutable heavenly book containing the eternal word of God. Muslims
understand the Quran to have been revealed specifically in the Arabic language.
Hence any translation is considered to constitute an interpretation, not the Quran
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