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Lecture note on Buddhism-Jan 24

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Andre Maintenay

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January 24
- missionary tradition
- origin of India ± spread to all over the world
o to Asia
- Span of 20 years?
- Culturally diverse tradition
- traces its roots to the same Sramana culture (movement of dissent and protest
against the mainstream Vedic religion Æ leaving home to wilderness
Sakyamuni ± sage of the Sakya
o many Buddha(s) in the past, many to come in the future ± this is the one
who engaged in how we live
o 563 and 483 BCE: Buddhism emerges ± political and social turmoil
o tribal republics going into kingdoms
o hagiography ± very little we can say
o Siddhartha (buddha) is born with upper class family ± tribal chiefs ±
powerful, influential ± only son ± miracles surround his birth ± different
sages go visit him ± sees suspicious marks ± either become a universal
emperor ± renounce the world all together, a sramana ± parents think
about the prophecy; decide to mold him into the universal emperor ±
protect him; put him in beautiful surroundings/luxuries ± Buddha curious
about the world so his father arranges a tour ± father cleans up
4 different sights that disturb him ± stray, hunched, elderly man;
person in distress, horrifying disease in great pain and anguish;
funeral, body being carried in coffin
goes home and reflects on own life; questions his workers
looking out his palace window, he sees the fourth sight ± sees a
monk; this was the answer ± resolves about leaving home and
becoming a sramana ± approaches his father about turmoil in his
head ± father locks all palace doors
escapes and becomes a monk ± about 29 years old
join a group of extreme aesthetics ± torture, pain, meditation ±
starvation ± gets really sick ± saved by woman ± found out that all
sits at base of tree and meditates ± he goes through various phases
through the night and by dawn he achieved awakening
sits at base of tree for 40 days/40nights
approaches companions ± admitted back into group
over the course of time he brought his group to the same
awakening and they started to teach ± community evolved
eventually large following
- Compared to a physician?
- 4 basic truths of Buddhism:
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