Lecture Notes on Hinduism-March 14

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5 Aug 2010
March 14
- 'HYL µ*RGGHVV¶
- different functions (qualities) of god depending on different narratives
- Durga ± stability god
- Kali equivalent to Siva
- The more primary understanding is that we are talking about one being of God but
with different personalities and characteristics ± different qualities appeal to
different devotees
- Male and female are completely interdependent ± the complete each other
- All the Male gods have wives that complete them
- female is considered the active principle and the male is the passive principle
o Female ± nature of SAKTI ± µHQHUJ\YLWDOLW\SRZH± possesses
intrinsic power
- Iconology ± the female is on top of the male
- The warrior aspect of the goddess is the most popular ± well-developed in Hindu
Myth ± MAHISASURAMARDINI ± myth of buffalo demon
(Visnu etc.), are recommended to the goddesses
- Goddesses solve the problems
- Kali ± wife of Siva
- religious sentiment is developed through immersion of these stories (dance, texts,
- develop a fond relationship with the deity
- in the western; usually visualized in 2 molds;
1) god is the master and the devotee is serving the lord
2) god is a father, devotee is the child in relation to god
3) god is the friend of the devotee
Hindu tradition: 9 different possible relationships with god
- God is the child and the devotee as the parental figure
Æ Relationship depends on the devotee
- you act in the world no based on
- Bhakti ± act on the devotion to god
- Karma ± act on karma
- Jnana ± act on the basis of knowledge
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