Lecture on Islam - March 17

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Published on 5 Aug 2010
x Suni Islam ïIslam
x Islam becomes universal
x Christianity Æ when paul decides gentiles can join without being
circumsized, it is an issue of accessibility
x Islam Æ expansion of this religion as non Islams can become Islamic
x Conversion is a powerful way of spreading religion
x Sufisim Æ mystical practitioners
o One of the ways that Islam was being spread
x Not muslims
x Protected, certain number of rights
x Govermed by a different religion
x Baghdad is the central region for Islam
x Iran and iraq
x Took over kaaabaer in 7000ce
x Begins a period of artistic development Æ golden age
x ïë
x Crusaders attempted to Jerusalem but failed
x Islam spread to the east
o From central asia to India
o Indonesia has the most population of Islams
x Had to interact with Hinduism and muslim
o Pakistan Æ muslim
o India Æ hindu
x Key figures
o Muhammad Æ prophet
o ali Æ son in law of prophet
o hussain Æ ï
x caliphs
o ali I the 4th caliph
o ï believes he should have been first
x ali is assassinated
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