Lecture on Islam-November 13th

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5 Aug 2010
November 13th
World Religions ± RLG100
- 1.3 ± 1.4 billion Muslims around the world
- 2nd largest religion
- fastest growing religion in the world
- Indonesia ± highest population of Muslims
o India ± 2nd, Pakistan ± 3rd, Bangladesh ± 4th etc
- 600 million Muslims in Canada, mostly in Toronto
- ISLAM ± Arabic word ± means submission/surrender ± the ideal of a person perfecting Islam is
that he/she surrenders to god
- Traces (lineage) back to Hebrew patriarch ± ABRAHAM ± genetic
- Ishmael (ISMAIL) = parent of Arabs
- Abraham = central figure of Islam ± view relationship with god as being the (paradine) norm of
how all human beings should be with god
- Islam recognized the bulk of Jewish and Christian history
- sacred book of Islam ± Quran ± mentions Jewish prophets
o Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad
o Special significant = all received revelation from god
o Moses Æ occupies more space in the Quran than any other prophet (about 200 times)
o Parallel between life of Muhammad and Moses
o The Hebrew scriptures are held in very high regard by Muslims
o Recognizes Jesus as a prophet and messenger of god ± world renouncing, wondering
prophet with deep compassion ± willing to suffer for his people
Jesus = great prophet
Affirms virgin birth of Jesus
Denies that Jesus was the son of god
Denies the divinity of Jesus (just an advance prophet)
- Muhammad ± final prophet (long line of prophet) ± drawing on the wisdom that is already
prevalent ± growing on insights of all other prophets ± LAST prophet (none to come after) ± direct
revelation from god ± way of being in the world, life example (SUNNAH) model of an ideal Piest
life Æ stories about the prophet (life, ideas, thoughts, way of doing things²narratives) much of
the Muslim law (history)
o Affirms mission, ministry of Jesus, Christian scripture
o Life example of prophet Muhammad
- Arabian peninsula ± Saudi Arabia ± 7th century CE
- before Islam ± area characterized by various practices ± JAHILIYAH (foolishness, ignorance,
lack of refinement and civilization)
- before 7th century CE - worshiped many gods and goddesses ± virtues of manliness, tribal loyalty,
good will, generosity Æ FRQWDLQHGWRPHPEHUVRIRQVRZQFODQWULEH± protection from harm
and others
- family honours ± blood feuds ± lasted from generation to generation ± men = many wives, no
provisions for protecting women or children
- fatalism
- dismantle tribal loyalty ± humanitarian bonds ± common allegiance to god
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