Lecture on Shinto-November 19th

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5 Aug 2010
x Indigenous tradition in japan
x Emphasizes a love for beauty (for nature)
x Outside for japan, Hawaii and brazil is the only apparent locations for Shinto
x Spiritual and beautiful about nature
x Nature is beautiful because it is infused with Kami
x Kami is some spiritual energy, infuses some parts of nature
x Infuses human beings and families
x Even a robot can be infused with Kami
x Spiritual is embedded in the natural
x Kami are expressed through nature
x Does not really have a known founder
x Creation myths
x Pre-historic tradition
x No orthodox sacred texts, but has 2 key texts (narratives, not sacred scriptures)
x Does not have a particular ethical code or perspective, more implied in tradition
x No founder, no ethical code, no scripture
x Was not identified until it was forced to until 6th century CE, with the arrival of
Buddhism in Japan
x The word Shinto is the japanese version of shindau?
x connection between human nature and nature
x innately we are infinitely connection to the spirits?
x various versions but are all related to other cultural creation myths
x chaos Æ someone does something to the chaos to make it something
x Kami rises out of a primordial chaos
x Creation of spirits and gods
x 2 gods in particular team up and create a world Æ izanami and izanagi
x izanami Æ female, izanagi Æ male
x comes from the ancient chronicle (kogiki)
x in kogiki, izanami and izanagi is commanded to _____ from the primordial chaos
x the ocean is thick with salt
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