Hinduism- Paths to Heaven part 2

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Published on 2 Mar 2011
World Religions February 28
Hinduism: Paths to Heaven
Reading: Ch. 5 “The Hindu Tradition, “ pp. 259-281
Hinduism’s critics of Buddhism and Jainism
Hinduism had critic of Buddhism and Jainism, on basis that although traditions
had admirable philosophies, only targeted people who were concerned with
Earliest manifestations of Buddhism are monastic, same with Jainism
Hinduisms critic was only addressed spiritual concerns of gifted spiritual few,
who had these sentiments about suffering in the world
The vast majority of people on other hand, are quite content to live in the world,
more harmonious life, however have no interest in moksha, no idea that there is
such a thing or that it is worth aspiring to
Leaves majority without any guidance
Ultimately speaking, kinds of philosophies these traditions evolved, are not
practical for living in the world, marvelous for Sansar
One point of sexuality ad other is ahensa
In monastic traditions, expectation is that if you have started out on
Buddhism/Jainism path, given up any sexual satisfaction, left family/society gone
off into forest, therefore left sexual concerns behind
Hinduism does not think this is realistic, hence to say/do it is not a reasonable
guidance to vast major ity of people
Therefore religious concerns need to target others as well who are not able to
follow this
Same concern goes for ahensa – non-harm, live without causing harm to other
Hinduism does not see this as realistic, while living in world, some manner of
harm caused by one person to another, e.g. disciplining criminals, therefore not
We need to give more specific guidance so we can evolve typology of harm, talk
about legitimacy
Hindiusm believes we need to target religious contention in two broad or ientations
of people—the gifted few, spiritual sensitized, devoted few who are interested in
moksha, and others who want more peaceful life but still live on in world
Nivrtti orientation – interested in renunciation, what Buddhism and Jainism
doing in early generations
Pravr tti – way of living in which continued to be engaged in world, but seek
Nivrtti Orientation
Has only one goal – moksha
Looking for freedom from Karma Sansar
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