RLG100Y1 Lecture Notes - Jnana Yoga

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8 Mar 2011
World Religions
March 7
, 2011.
Hinduism: Paths to Heaven
Reading: Ch. 5 “The Hindu Tradition, “ pp. 259-281
1.Jnana yoga – path of knowledge
Term that stands at centre of path of knowledge is reality
What types of knowledge?
Knowledge of difference b/w Real and Unreal
Difference b/w that which exists and that which seems to exist
Difference b/w obvious and the Real
Difference b/w the essential and the conditional
Draw the line b/w the way things look and the way things are
The Real is a technical term in Hinduism
What is implied is something that is unchanging lasting, permanent as opposed to
things that are constantly subject to alteration and transformation, constantly
What is the essence of something?
Atman = Brahman
What is ultimate relationship b/w Brahman and of reality that we see?
Ultimately speaking, the world is non-dual, there are not 2 realities, jus one,
We perceive reality because of the limitations o our minds, the power of illusion,
known as Maya
How does Maya work?
Many analogies, e.g. snake and the rope
In tropical country, coming home late at night, come to doorstep and see long
windey object on doorstep, immediately think its a snake
Then somebody from inside turns light on and as soon as they turn light on, you
see its a rope, not snake
Therefore superimposed your assumption, thinking it was a snake, reacted as
though it was the trut h, but reality was really something different
Ignorance of reality made one react as though it was something else
Ontological– reference to ultimate reality
Epistemological – difference generated by our different knowledge, greater/lesser
knowledge of something
We see and operate in a world of Maya, as long as were more effect by difference,
were operating in mode of Maya, as soon as were able to penetrate the illusion of
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