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17 Apr 2012
BRAHMAN- universal self, something that binds us together, energy
and vitality. All life forms share the essence despite physical
appearance difference- superficial rather than meaningful.
Absolute foundation of Hinduism
ATMAN- self, some eternal essence.
to know one self is to know another.
Upanishsids use many narratives and analysis to cite this view.
one object made of clay is the essentially the same an another
made from clay even though they are 2 different things with
different appearances and functions.
what’s inside the body is identical to what is outside the body. ex/
breaking of the pot.
sort of contentions Hinduism makes about the individual self
compared to the universal self.
these premises is how Hinduism builds its philosophical self.
emerged from the fertile, intellectual ground.
Hinduism major criticism of Jainism and Buddishm- the Hindu
traditions retain the Vedic heritage while the other 2 really catered
their philsophies to the monastic community.
their philosophizing was addressed to people who were ready to
undertake the quest to moksha from sansar. This leaves little
guidance to any people in the world. The vast majority aren’t
concerned with moksha but more for an optimal experience in the
buddisht and Jain philosophies were addressed to the minorities and
not the majority who needed guidance.
illustrated around a few major points- the question of sex, violence,
and non-violence (AHIMSA)
monks and nuns pursue a life of celibacy. Pursue this high moral
ideal of ahimsa.
are these ideals realistic? can people follow through? is it really
desirable, what we’re looking for?
Hindu criticism is the other 2 are too extreme and narrow.
is Ahimsa achievable in the real world?
we’re constantly harming creatures in daily living.
Hinduism and Jainism say it’s impossible to do so.
is it desirable to have a complete ban on injury to any kind of
is possible to maintain a just society?
there are some situations where violence ma
certainly something to strive for, left on it’s own it’s too broad to
provide guidance for those living in society- should be restricted to
certain people-times-and-situations
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