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17 Apr 2012

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Wednesday November 16/2011
Sees itself theologically, historically as the third and
final Western traditions as it draws on Abrham .
124 000 prophets.
Moses is an important figure in the Quaran.
Muslim traditions draw a great deal on the relationship of
Moses and Mohammed.
Quaran recognizes the special mandate of Jesus. Affirms a
lot of Christian events (Bible miracle). Ex/ the virgin
MUHAMMAD- recognized as the last in a long line of prophets
who was sent to the Arab peninsula to revitalize the faith
and to say the final word of God- impart the final direfct
words of God. Central figure of Islam. Important for the
revelation he brings to the world.
SUNNAH- life figure. How to live life?
Arose in Arab Penisula (Saudi Araham) in the 7th century.
JAHILIYA- practices of foolish and ignorant in the sense of
morals- feudal society. If you belonged to the triube you
had the protectiojn of the tribe. If not you were a nobody.
Human concern shouldn’t just be for your own clan but to
see all of humanity as your community, regardless of clan
and social staus of people. Islam tries to break this, and
extend the mandate of religion and humanity (moral
mandate), and encompass everyone in the community.
Pre-Islamic society aligned itself with tribal loyality. It
didn’t hvaae a greater syatem of fzaith with no view of
salvation. Deeply fatalistic worldview in which people
commerated themselves in poetry, verse.
Maintain clan/tribe honour. One was obigated to avenge
acts against opposing clan.
Create a model of community where everyone is responsible
for each other and as a larger unit responsible for the
will of God.
Islam had its roots in the trading town of MECCA. Focus of
a very lucrative pilrmage foucsed on the shrine of the
KABA- central point of Muslim practice. Place for merchants
to gather and particpaite in trade. Dominated by the
QURAYSH tribe- powerful tribe in which Muhammad was born.
Parents deceased at an early age. Orphan raised by an
uncle. His insecurity came him sympathy for the
underprivileged in society.
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