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18 Apr 2012

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Lecture 5 RLG100
- atonement > making up for sins
- crucifix > cross with jesus on it
- Christianity started as a Jewish sect Jesus was a Jew
- Jesus was born and raised as a Jew > lack of historical evidence
- Christianity was no diff from Judaism at first
- there is no such thing as one unified Christianity
o no “authentic” Christianity > no authenticity in religion
- Catholicism is a type of Christianity
o roman catholic > headed by the pope
- Protestantism > NOT catholic
o hallelujah, Pentecostal
- Evangelical > spectacle, enthusiastic method of accepting god, converting
- faith healing, speaking in tongues
- concept of the Trinity >
o dues > god
o pater > father
o filius > son
o spts/scts > holy spirit
father is not the son, son is not the holy spirit, holy spirit is not
the father
god is the holy spirit, father and son
central points of debate, celebration over this concept
- nothing in the bible that sets up the Trinity > trinity itself is set up to explain
the references in the bible
- trinity analogy > water /egg/god
- god has manifested himself in three diff forms
o father > guide, son > follows gods word, holy spirit > remnants of god
that in avail to everyone
- important notions:
o redemption [original Sin]
disobedience of god’s law
to be forgiven, erase negative impacts
o penance
how you get to redemption
most common form > prayer [asking god for forgiveness
o sin
original sin > central to Christianity
eating the forbidden fruit
humans afterwards are born/stained w/ the original sin
this notion did not exist in the bible
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