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18 Apr 2012

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RLG 100/280 - LECTURE 4
JUDAISM (concl.)
- the bible wasn’t always agreed upon…now there is one that is used and passed down
generation after generation
- Canon > can be used interchangeably with bible
- Sutuijan > Greek translation of bible
- sometimes there are big diff btwn Hebrew and Greek, etc. tranlations
Mishnah (“repetition”): collection of oral tradition by Rabbi Judah the Prince
- oral tradition/law
-collectiod, organized and written down by Rabbi Judah the Prince (3rd c) and other
oMidrash doesn’t equal Mishnah
omuch of Mishnah is a explanation or extenion of the Midrash
oMishnah shows application of the law
oRabbis agreed that sometime after the second temple period? the time of the
prophets stopped
Gemarah (“supplement”): commentaries on the Mishnah
- 1 Mishnah, 2 Germarah [one by Judah and one by Jews that never left Babylon
Talmud: Mishnah, Gemarah, and other commentaries printed together in large volume
- page from Talmud: Mishnah in the middle, Gemarah after, Rashi [famous rabbi, got his
own commentary section] and other commentaries around them
- Talmud is something that Rabbis would deal with more than regular Jew who only had
contact with mostly the Hebrew bible
ojewish tradition has not changed much after ? 70CE? turn of first century?
remained Rabbinic Judaism
Judaism – Middle Ages
- after 70CE – futher spread into diaspora
oSephardim Mediterranean area
oAshkenazim - Eastern Europe
US/Canada influenced by Ashkenazim
- generally under Chirsitian or Muslim rule
omuslim rulers > more tolerant
oChristians more aggresive
- severe persecution during Middle ages, modernity
oexplusion, ghettos and pogroms
ghetto > referred to a part of the city that was walled off and Jews were
supposed to live
pogroms > extermination by fire [attempts by ppl in E Europe]
pogrom w/ modern technology > holocaust
-• ‘Golden Age’ of Judaism in Spain and Portugal: period of prosperity under the Moors (c.
8th-10th centuries)
ounder Muslim rule > c. 8-10 cent
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