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18 Apr 2012
Lecture 3 RLG100
- Judiasm Early History
o Ten commandments
shall have no other god but me
shall not worship any idols or images
shall not take my name in vain
honor the Sabbath day
honour your father and mother
do not kill
do not commit adultery
do not steal
do not give false evidence against your neighbor
o covenant ?
o traditional judaism > 100s of commandments
o bharmistva > coming into adulthood celebration [trad. for men]
means: son of the commandments
judaism/islam > religions of laws and commandments
Tora > a book of the law! [one and only one law > law of
changing of the portrayal of god throughout the bible
[personal > withdrawn]
Mobile alter > center piece of the alter > Ark of the
o remainder of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy specific
regulations and rules of behaviour
o early Israelite leaders > judges [military generals]
o first kings > Saul, ….David/Solomon [functioned like prophets]
under David Israelites have their first kingdom
o first temple built by Solomon on hill of Zion > the house of god
added structure to Judaism
center of the temple was the most holiest stop in the temple
is more organized/centralized > but still not what to
form of what we call Judaism today [radical changes to
after the death of Solomon the kingdom splits into 2 > tribes go
back to their ? > referred to as the 2 kingdoms
northern kingdom gets wiped out [Israel] > but southern
kingdoms survive [Judah]> their rules/law get passed on
o prophets [Hosea, Amos, and later Ezekiel, Isaiah, etc.]
messengers of god [usually warning messages, predictions]
Judaism > message usually directed towards his ppl [choosen
Christianity > more directed towards all of humanity
Moses has more prophetic attributes [not a prophet is Judaism]
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