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20 Apr 2012
Religions Lecture 5 Christianity
Atonement = making up for sins... in Judaism there is a sense of redemption, Yom kippur is day
of fasting, meant for people to take the time to think about their lives, redress all of the bad
things, and getting in the good books of the gods...
-diff between cruficix and a cross is that a crucifix refers to the image of jesus being murked...
-original myth is jesus dining with his followers (apostles)... he has a final meal with them and
breaks bread and they eat it in remembrance of him, drink wine in his remembrance...
-Christianity started as a Jewish sect, Jesus was a Jew... Jesus was born, raised, and he taught as a
Jew in a Jewish context... we don’t have a lot of historical evidence one way or the other relative
to Jesus’s existence... differences between Judaism and Christianity did not exist at first... the
teachings of the life of jesus in the bible, there are differences than Jewish texts... part of what
Jesus was saying was deviating from the Jewish norms at the time... but a significant portion was
in line with the Jewish context... what Jesus is saying, and resultant movement, would not have
made sense outside of Jewish context at first... as time passed it developed its own identity....
-debates and issues in Judaism were the debates that framed early christianhood...
-Jesus himself says, i come not to abolish the law but to fulfill it (the law of moses, the torah)...
-there is no such thing as one unified Christianity... true of all religions but certainly true of
-the debate rages over whether Jesus was a Nasarene or a Pharaseen, no one knows... we don’t
know what form of Judaism he was drawing on, easiest to say he was drawing on his own
interpretation of Judaism
-top left image is Catholicism, catholic mass... the centerpiece of the mass, the mass is the
service that is usually held once a week on Sundays...
-Christianity and Catholicism... Catholicism is a kind of Christianity, same thing as Buddhism
and zen, zen is a form of Buddhism.... tendency among protestants and catholics and try to see
themselves as only true Christians... prostestantism is a catch-all term that means not catholic or
eastern orthodox... basically one of the many branches that broke away from the catholic church
starting in the 16thcentury... includes Baptists, Pentecostal, Anglicans, quakers
-third major grouping is eastern orthodox... Russia and Greece in particular...
-right hand side picture is mega church... looks like a rock concert, spectacle... its a show, very
serious religious gathering, involves a lot of enthusiasm and audience participation... falls
broadly under evangelical Christianity (protestant)... charismatic leader and enthusiastically
accepting the word of god and converting... bottom left... faith healing, speaking in tongues (not
understandable, its the language of heaven, nonsensical babbling)...
-next slide, fundamental crest... symbolizes important concepts in Christianity, concept of the
trinity... deus = god, pater = father, filius = son (top right), spts, scts = holy spirit, or the holy
ghost... est = is, non = not... This crest has been oneof the central points of debate and celebration
in the religion of Christianity since roughly the 3rd, 4th century... point of confusion for fellow
monotheists because in Judaism and Islam this concept is foreign, no such thing as god
manifested in three forms... major diff Christianity has from other 2 religions (god does have 3
-how do we resolve this... how can god be one béc Christianity is monotheistic... but how can
god be 3 than... origin of this notion that if Jesus is referring to himself as the Son and to his
father... and this thing following him called the holy ghost, they all refer to the same general
thing... that is why this concept exists... the trinity itself does not have biblical origin béc theres
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