1 Apr 2011
World Religions
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March 30
, 2011.
The ideal of allowing ones self to align ones self with the movement o the tao
Wuwei – “inaction in action
It is possible to know this optimally without exerting ones self in all sorts of
artificial ways to acquire knowledge
Allow ones self to shape ones self around the movement of nature and in this
way to act without acting
Without imposing ones will or ego upon ne environment and nature
Practice nonaggression
Without going out the door one can know the whole world, without peeping out a
window one can see the tao of heaven”
The way of nature is to bend around diff iculties, “to take the path of least
The idea that a thing in its natural statue should be appreciated and has the
potential for of fering the best kind of guidance for how we should live our life
Taoism holds a law of value for artifists
Critical of autho iritan ways of acting, associated with being male-yang qualities
Suggests that the gentler modes of acting are more effective and in harmony with
the way nature works
Sage is a child of tao emerging from womb of nature
A true sage is characterisezed as one who has the innocence of a child and the
natural confidence of a child that it will be nurtured and nour ished by its mother,
the tao
Taoism is not concerned with only immor tality of the spirit, but also concerned
with achieving longevity of the body
Taoism is as concerned with the reservation of the health of the body as it is with
the mind
Longevity of body – acupuncture
Refining practices of breathing and movement of body that enhance circulation of
breath in body, but also designed to maintain the suppleness and vigor of the body
– ti chi
Experiments with alchemy to preserve the body
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