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27 Mar 2012
March 15, 12
- 3 positions in the free will debate: hard Determinism;
Indeterminism; Compatibilism
Religion and Cinematography
- How is film?
- Three Cinematographic “areas of choice”:
- 1) protographic aspects of the shot (tonalities, speed of motion,
- 2) Framing of the shot (frame dimensions, etc…)
- 3) Duration of the shot (e.g. the long take)
- 1) Review your article well be sure to demonstrate that you
understand your author’s…
- 2) use proper film terminology when you discuss mise-en-scene
and cinematography this shows us that you’ve read the textbook.
- The most important thing to remember when analyzing the function
of a film’s stle is that the function of a specific film element is
determined by the CONTEXT OF THE FILM.
- - Function of a zoom lens means different things in different films
- - Usage of a canted frame means different things in different films
- - Usage of a long shot means different things in different films
- Ask yourself: how does this aspect of mise-en-scene or
- Low height shot (straight on looks like the camera person is
- 3 plains of action deep space action takes place on multiple
plains even if they are not in focus (car in front, person walking
on street, cars in the background)
- Deep focus same as above if all the plains were in focus.
The Book of Job
- Central Theme The possibility of disinterested riteousness (can we
be good just for the sake of being good?)
- Secondary Theme Why do the innocent/righteous suffer? Are we
right to assume that the universe’s morality is rational?
- Setting: story takes place between 2000-1375 BCE
- Date of Composition 750-600 BCE
- Job described as “blameless and upright, one who feared G-d and
turned away from evil”
- Job had many possessions
- Conversation between Satan and G-d
- Is Job righteous only because he wants to be rewarded?
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