RLG232H1 Lecture Notes - Intelligent Designer

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14 Apr 2012
April 5, 12
Hutchinson article
- Hutchinson’s description of the Bodhisattva – anyone with
compassion for other people.
- ^Deacy would comment saying that this is too vague.
- Does Harold qualify as a Bodhisattva? does he stand out due to
his compassion?
- Paragraphs 10/11 self critiques his theory and response.
- Hutchison calls Karen a G-d. there is no supreme G-ds in
- ^That would make her a creator figure.
- If she is a creator figure this takes her away from the Buddhist
- Thus we can view her as Judeo/Christian or Eastern.
- Harold’s wristwatch completes him – Karen “created” both of them.
- The idea that the watch completes him ends up being literal due to
the watch piece being in him interconnected being.
- Another cue Karen dictates the thoughts of the watch.
- Watchmaker motif/analogy
- Watch = humans, life, the entire universe
- Watchmaker = G-d (an intelligent designer)
- By way of analogy the argument states that design implies a
designer watches just don’t evolve out of nowhere.
- The most famous version of the watchmaker analogy was
articulated by the English philosopher William Paley in 1802
- The purpose of this argument is to establish the plausibility of the
general premise: by how the watch is made and looks it was clearly
made by an intelligent designer.
- In most formulations of the argument, the characteristic that
indicated intelligent design is orderliness (living beings are complex
and fit very nicely into their places in the world)
- Harold = watch
- Karen = watchmaker
- ^His watch wants him to pursue unorderliness what it is to be
human watch is still designed by the watchmaker but the film
challenges the fact that we are human orderly our experience to
overcome chaos makes us human.
- The analogy is being used as a contrast.
- Harold as a Christ figure or Bodhisattva?
- Karen has created Harold in her own image Judeo Christian idea
- ^monochromatic backdrop for Karen and Harold not for everyone
- Some thought on the course
- Who do we know whose analysis of a film is best?
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