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Lecture 4

RLG280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Book Of Leviticus, Halakha, Mishnah

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Walid Saleh

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Religion lecture 4, October 1
o Reform Judism
o Orthodox
o Conservative
o Rabic Judaism, with two torahs; and its expressed through the Mishnah
o 70 of CE, is when the temple was destroyed; Rabbi’s arrive and formulate the
Mishnah, and this movement continues till the 1800 (and still continues)
but went into French revolution (liberty, eternity, …)
o Religious law in Judaism is “Halakha” – by upholding the law, torah, and
covenant, and then you are living according to the Halakha (but can we judge
the human Jewish life on this?? These are for biblical times, wat about
modern times?)
o Modern Reform Judaism; progressive revelation
o For every age there is a specific truth (own way of being Jewish) ; internal
movement in a response to the changes in civic life in Europe, (which started
the reform)
o Reformed Judaism, by coming up with progressive kind of undermines
rabbi’s original bible/law – have the elements of renewal in it
o Published in 1859 (Darwin) evolution and social evolution came into play;
humans are progressing, attitudes are too
o This movement establishes a college to educate more/new rabbi’s and give
them a platform (summary of what this mvt wants its members to uphold as
o Philadelphia platform- 1869; READ ONLINE; it is made up of 7 points;
o Refuses the understanding messianic
o Destruction of second temple was not meant as a punishment -
o After priesthood, (all equal in front of God) how do we understand
Judaism- so we can be the ideal of what a human should be
o Confronts the notion of election or being chosen, why is Israel special,
because it has a burden towards humanity
o No resurrection;
o Hebrew
o Reform is the smallest; but important because it forced other Judaism to
organize themselves
o Orthodox is RJ
o Conservative lies between reform and orthodox
o Halakha is fundamental
o Primo Levi- in holocaust and survived (drowned and the saved)…
o Palsm 130- Bach made a song from it
o On exam- GIVE SYNOPSIS/SUMMARY ON GENESIS (The first book of Moses)
o Motherless child, joseph and his brothers …
o Hebrew bible vs. old testament
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