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RLG280Y1 Lecture Notes - Sola Scriptura, Printing

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Walid Saleh

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RLG280 Oct 29
sola scriptura: scripture alone, you undermine authority of the church, priesthood,
fundamentalize Christianity, make it religion of the book
find answers to questions of faith, don't go to priest or pope but to bible
the church have no authority over interpretation over bible. Every christian is entitled to
their own ideas about the bible. Connected to radical notion of Paul, of freedom and
everything in Christianity has to be based on scripture. If you say something that is not
based in scripture, protestant doesn't accept it. Book culture
no place for priests and Pope
up to Luther, Christianity was a priestly religion, cast of people that have powers no one
else has. Through them you communicate to God
cannot do anything in Catholic without a priest, need him for forgiveness, prayer, baptism
and he is acting through the power given by the Pope
sola fida: faith alone saves you
God elects you
good deeds you do are signs that you have been chosen, not that you are good
good deeds that you do are not a sign that you are good, but that you have been selected by
new birth, new man created
catholic church is for free will
Protestant believed in predestination, God picks you up, he saves you, you can't do anything
about it
Protestant formation (6 points):
sola scriptures
sola fida
priesthood of the believers. Made every Christian into a priest by eliminating every role
made by priesthood. Do not need Pope or his representatives. Church made up of its
this was only possible because now in Europe there was the middle class revolution
Christians can read, they have books, have education. They are not peasants who cannot
read or write and must only listen to priest. Mass is in Latin and people could not even
understand the priest praying
printing revolution
Luther translated bible into German
each christian household can have a bible and they can read it
every man and women has a dignity in the eyes of God as a priest
ministers are elected by people of community and have the same powers as everyone
priest in catholic is different, have many powers. If you confess to the priest they have
the powers to absorb sins, make wine into the blood of Christ
worship is radically transformed
in catholic, worship is placed on priest.
If we are all priestly, there is an emphasis on each person to worship
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worship becomes very communal
preaching for sermon
Eucharist. Christian worship was centred on Mass, where each christian pretends like it
is the last super. The height of worship
preaching of scriptures is the centre
the notions of flesh and blood of Jesus says it is not true
only way to partake in Jesus is through sermon
birth of modern sensibility
educated way of experiencing religion
hymns and singing becomes fundamental
everybody is partaking in worship, whether it is saying it or singing it
utter hatred of icons, statues and pictures
iconclast means you hate icons
they destroy images
no more icons or art in church, but it must have a big stern where preacher goes up and
instead of worshipping god you are worshipping an image
they do not believe in saints
no pilgrimages are need it, relics are nonsense (relics were destroyed)
no funeral mass
catholic mass had become so elaborate that is collapsed on itself
Christians obsession with music was solely in Europe, no other nation did that
middle class sensibility
holly community
you have a new euphoria of being a Christian community
good Christian community
want to live a Christian life internally and externally, with this comes policing of each
any manifest sin must be punished
rise of respectability in public
Ontario is Protestant
must stand good in front of god. Do not go out in public drunk, fornicate, gable etc
no public manifestations of not good Christianity
we are all holly and must live a holly life as a community
started controlling sex, cannot fornicate before getting married
blasphemy is punished
sense of a standing community under Gods judgement
state itself becomes confessional
new mode of statehood
head of state is invested in reform
forces it on his subjects
Henry XIII in England is a good example
church and monarch become one
all Protestant nations become confessional, monarch is head of state
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