RLG203Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Reinhold Niebuhr, Tumblr, Dorothy Day

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Published on 18 Apr 2013
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Violence and Non-Violence
1. What would Jesus do?
2. Crusades and Just War
3. Love your enemies and Christian Pacifism
Essay: Friday March 15th, hard copy at DSR (170 st georges street), by 4:30 and
electronic copy at turnitin by midnight
Include AI statement (see Tumblr)
Turnitin ID: 6212733/ password: Nazareth
Violence: What is it?
What Would Jesus Do? Matthew 10: 34-35
Crusades: 11th-13th Centuries
Wars between Europeans and Ottomans, or Christians and MUslims
Battles over territory in “Holy Land” and what is now Europe
Provides a legacy of violent Christian response to conflict, especially with respect to
Driven by missionary and apocalyptic imaginations
Church, State, and Violence
The Roman Church aiding the Byzantine Empire
Perception of the threat of Muslim attacks throughout Southern Europe
Sense of the “soiling” of the Holy Lands
At the time of the “Papal Monarchy”
Sense of God on the side of the crusaders
St. Francis of Assisi: Crusader or Pacifist?
Travels to Egypt during fifth crusade to convert Muslims & the Sultan
Considered a founder of Christian pacifism
Thomas Aquinas (13th century) & Just War
Three conditions of just war:
Authority of the sovereign by whose command the war is to be waged
A just cause:those who are atacked should deserve it
A rightful intention: the advancement of good, or the avoidance of evil
Aquinas’s sources?
Paul in Romans 13
Reinhold Niebuhr: Christian Realism
U.S. theologian, 1892-1971
“Heretical” and “non-heretical” pacifism
March 5th, 2013!RLG203: LEC8
Argues that some pacifists misunderstand the “tragic” and sinful nature of human
beings, that “we love ourselves more than our neighbors”
Love your enemies & Christian pacifism
Anabaptists/Menonites, “Christian perfectionism”
Catholic Worker Movement & Dorothy Day
Martin Luther King Jr., 1929-1968: Influences
New Testament
Social Gospel
Reinhold Niebuhr
Gandhi & “satyagraha” (truth force)
Exam will be similar to the test: chunks of texts that we need to use sources
March 5th, 2013!RLG203: LEC8

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Violence and non-violence: what would jesus do, crusades and just war, love your enemies and christian paci sm. Essay: friday march 15th, hard copy at dsr (170 st georges street), by 4:30 and electronic copy at turnitin by midnight: include ai statement (see tumblr, turnitin id: 6212733/ password: nazareth. Crusades: 11th-13th centuries: wars between europeans and ottomans, or christians and muslims, battles over territory in holy land and what is now europe, provides a legacy of violent christian response to con ict, especially with respect to. Muslims: driven by missionary and apocalyptic imaginations. St. francis of assisi: crusader or paci st: 1181-1226, travels to egypt during fth crusade to convert muslims & the sultan, considered a founder of christian paci sm. Reinhold niebuhr: christian realism: u. s. theologian, 1892-1971, heretical and non-heretical paci sm. Rlg203: lec8: argues that some paci sts misunderstand the tragic and sinful nature of human beings, that we love ourselves more than our neighbors .