Sept 20

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4 Apr 2012
Christian Real Trad
Current Events
-China many underground christian churches - some authorized ones.
-chinese man came to canada from underground catholic church because he was un-
able to be truly catholic
-looking for refugee status
-was quizzed by tcdsb about the bible
-he got many correct, some (mary’s grandmother) questions wrong
-lawyer went to the supreme court - lady shouldn’t have turned him down because of
“catholic trivia”
Early Christianity: Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts
-Judaisms in the Greco-Roman Era
-Hellenistic Philosophical Movements
-Mystery Cults and Cults of Personal Salvation
-Reading the Hebrew Bible through Christian eyes
-There are many stories from the same time as Jesus that are the same as Jesus who
aren’t Jesus
-could be written after jesus and easily been influenced by jesus
-1901 book by George R. S. Mead, a Theosophist (wrote a book about a guy
similar to jesus
-Christianity had many components that turned into what it is today, priestly, political
(book ch 1)
-Jews were allowed to practice their religion as long as they kept paying taxes and ac-
knowledged the Roman emperor as their own.
-Second Temple Judaism
-common judaism centered around sacrifice, then you’d eat the sacrifice but first it’d be
“given to god” you’d also share the food.
-a good jew never eats food sacrificed to other gods.
-Hellenistic Judaism
-“hellenization”: effects of the dominance of the Greeks under Alexander
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