4 Apr 2012
Oct 18
Current Events
Asceticism and Monasticism
-“askesis” meaning “Exercise, practice, or training”
-1. fasting
-2. sexual continence
-3. vows of poverty
-4. seclusion or isolation
-5. self-inflicted pain: either physical or mental (e.g. whipping yourself, pondering the
depths of hell, the pain of crucifixion etc..)
New Testament Authorities?
-Paul: 1 Corinthians 7 (New Revised Standard)
-“monachos” (greek) meaning “A solitary, single-minded, or celibate person”
-when ascetics get together they become monastics
-a revision of “ascetism”
-Why would Bishops want to establish their authority over ascetics?
-curb “anti-family” rhetoric and practice
-Control a route for new roles for women
-contain a movement fostering spiritual authority through direct experience of
Cenobitic and anchoretic monasticism
- cenobitic: ascetics in community
-Anchoretic: ascetics in isolation
-E.g. Simeon the Stylite, Turkey 5th c.
Pachomius & Monasticism
-koinonia: community
-Acts 4:32
Rules, the body and society
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