4 Apr 2012
Congress of Vienna, 1814-1815
C. von Metternich
Louis XVIII (1814-1824)
Czar Alexander I (d. 1825?)
-can’t recreate the world of 1782
-everything had changed and that had to be recognized
-france had to be included if there was ever going to be peace
-Congress of Vienna
-austrian empire
-families that had held power before
-the balance of power - has to be a mechanism to keep peace
-had to be a europe wide agreement to keep the eace
-only way to do that was to balance the power
-not punish france or any of france’s allies
-france was given an honored place at the fraternal club of nations
-louis 18th seen as a victim
-france was not treated harshly despite waterloo
-louis 18 was given very basic advice - don’t turn the clock back - its impossible
-he wasn’t smart but he realized this
-louis realized he couldn’t be in absolute rule
-louis knew he couldn’t punish revolutionaries
-white terror - mostly in the countryside
-people got their revenge just enough before louis stopped it
-the allied occupation only stayed in france until 1818 - to make sure louis was safe on
his throne - once that was clear they left
-Congress of V started the careers of many people - kissinger
-it was brilliant diplomacy - gifted representatives of europe
-alexander 1st of russia was part of the congress
-Talleyrand - congress of v - very successful servant of napoleon
-the parties were just as important for the congress of vienna because of all the gossip
-work actually happens at cocktail parties
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