RLG203Y1 Lecture Notes - Thesis Statement, Phoebe Palmer, American Bible Society

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4 Apr 2012

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Pietism and dJohn Weslet
-Pietism: a German-based Christian ovement focused on “inner” spiritual experience
-Early missionaries to the Americas
-“religion of the heart”
Count von Zinzendorf, 1700-1760
-the things he says are infused with the holy spirit, the things he feels mostly and kind
of in his head
-one of the first missions to the americas
-“Whoever has God in his head is an atheist” - you have to feel god - it has to be emo-
-to truly be a human being you have to figure things out yourself
Peitism and John Wesley (1703-1791)
- Wesley: an Anglican clergyman who experienced a spiritual “conversion” in 1938
-Co-founder of “Methodism”, which broke off from the Church of England in 1791
-had a warm feeling while listening to a sermon
-founds small groups where you discuss your religious experience
-comes up with...
-Christian Perfection:
‘Exactly agreeable to this are his words in the first chapter: “God is light and in
Him is no darkness at all. If we walk in the light, as Ge is in the light, we have a fellow-
ship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin”
and again: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sings, and to
cleanse us from all unrightousness.” Now, it is evident and apostle here speaks of a de-
liverance wrought in this world. For he saith not, The blood of Christ will cleanse (at the
hour of death, or in the day of judgement), but it “cleanseth,” at the present time, us liv-
ing Christians “from all sin” And it is equally evident, that is any sin remain, we are not
cleansed form all sin.
- Christian perfection is being cleansed of sin - uses paul to argue that cleansing doesn’t
happen in heaven it happens on earth - the way to do that is confess your sins.
The Great Awakening (1725-1760)
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