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Lecture 1

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RLG 204 H5 F
1st lecture 8th September 2010-
Final exam and mid term with an essay the questions would be given in the
Essay everything i mentioned in the class some articles in syllabus. You
will find some issues to compare.
Philosophy, function and result. Three important things with these
categories. i.e tauheed, philosophy of tauheed, function and result of
The important issue is when a person has a class between their interest and
principle people would choose principle. It means they really believe i
principle and day of judgement. It means day of judgmement will havea
impact on ur day of life in ur communication, love relation, ur business, ur
everday activity es. Anything you do will impact ur day of judgment this is
the philosophy, function and result. Any school of thought, they will have
three sects philosophy, anthropology, politics and social issues
1) philosophy we talk about the existence and meaning of life
2) Anthropology, ethics, role model and def of humanity
3) social and political relation, between each other.
Hadith means everything from prophet Mohammad, his words.
Justice who is eligible. What is the question who is senior.
Justice is very important in muslim society. Two groups of philosophers.
Every action revealed by god can be abducted by justice. Some people say
we don’t care about justice in the view of humanity. Differences between the
branches of islam sunni, shites, and Sufism. A new challenge of islam with
the issue of justice.
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