RLG210Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Richard Bulliet, New Religious Movement, Hierarchical Organization

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27 Jun 2011

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Lecture 10 Notes
1. Importance of religiousity determined systems of life-regulation for economics
2.Basic orientation
oHumans seek supernatural support and aid to prosper and have a long earth
EX = health, wealth, status, power, etc. (earth-bound things)
3.Mass religiosity - is beliefs in:
o(a) magical assistance, and ritual or sacramental grace/environment
o(b) faith in the redeeming power of a savior god, saintly beings or priesthoods
= external sacredness
oCreators in religion and carriers in religion
5.Founders of major religion
oCharismatics or virtuosi (Moses and the Hebrew prophets Buddha)
6.Founders must find followers and disciples
oTo attract:
Most offer promises, practices, worldviews that appeal
"program" that will gain support
Messenger/ Creator + Message + Audience/Followers = a new religious movement
7.Followers are socially stratified
Tension between TRADITION and CHARISMA by Weber
8.Humans prefer order, stability more than innovation
9.Religion is the most conservative of social institutions
oChange eventually will undermine the sacred religious truths
oThey address the ultimate questions of value, meaning, and purpose
10.To successfully launch a new tradition, a major reform:
oCharisma - extraordinary traits of character, personality/force that ruptures
of challenges tradition
11.Religious charismatics call people to a higher more intense religiousity ("spiritual
oIs unstable though
EX = leader can fail or pass away
12.Charisma must find instutitional embodiment to bring lasting change
Charisma and its Routinization
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