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RLG210Y1 Lecture Notes - Matthew Henry, Miser, Making Money

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Test Outline
Chapter 2 - the journey east and chapter 3 - the journey west
1. Explanation
2. Control
-sect ‘churches’ --> christianity
-Connection btw protestants and science
-Weber ‘‘protentant ethic and the spirit of capitalism’
-capitalism, democratism, indicvualism
-Protestants generally were further economically developed than the catholics
-working is the best way to obtain riches
-2nd cen christians: wordly activites were ungodly, living life isolated, spiritually in the
best way -> nuns and monks
-Phase 2: rise of the state
-Rather than worshiping ancestors, religion becomes professionalized (dedicated
-Rather than open worship who was lead by the chief there are specific times,
dates and places and people who lead religion worship
The Great Percolation (diocleices)
-the romans emperor killed early christians
-Some were martered, same ran, some snitched (gave up the texts and other chris-
-School for sinners
-After dio left the church split (let the traitors back in our not
LEC 14 - Feb 2
Review of last week
-luther is important for the reformation
-Him questioning the practice - and particualry the selling of indulgence, making dona-
tions to diminish time in purgatory
-He felt that Christianity came down to one line - salvation is for those who have faith
-“the saving power of god for everyone who has faith
-He took this to be the essential line in Christianity in a letter from paul to the romans
-This would take out the church and bring it back the the beginning of how religion was
based on faith
-As time went on the church began forgiving more and more sins
-The church claim unrestricted power of forgiving sins
-The reformation is about creating a direct relationship btw the believer and god and the
church has so salvation power in itself
-This was luthers spiritual contribution to the reformation
-Weber looks at something else as well
-If faith alone, how can they maintain faith without the church -- need to read the holy
bible it self
-Therefore the program was to translate the bible
-Luther is a critical contributer because she translates the bible into german
-And weber compares the german and the latin bible
-He found the word beruf - that luther was using this word in passages that the original
have a negative connotation of labour and he also didn't use the arbeit which would
have been a closer word for work because that word is less enabling then a calling or
vocation giving a notion that there is a spiritual aspect to it as well
-Weber says the consequences of this selection of this word saturates the bible
-He wants to promote a more spiritualization sensation of work and that you are born to
do work in this word and its a spiritual fulfillment to pertain to that calling
-Webers says the result is spiritualizing worldly actiivity and justification to abide to the
calling and prospering in that calling (doing well)
inner worldly asceticism
-Weber looks at the contribution of all the branches of Christianity and that they all push
forward of inner worldly asceticism (coming from the greek work training or discipline -
and working in religious life, ppl tryin to discipline their own body and desire largely as a
world to escape this word - weber calls this OTHER worldly asceticism - trying to master
and deny your body physically adn mentally escaping that its that body that keeps you
attached to this world
-This ascetic practices came strong in indic religions
-Weber argues that prot will flip that indic asceticism - that ppl will live worldly IN this
world and prove faith and wont be a mechanism of escape
-Weber shows how this will be KEY in the production of capitalism
-main idea: pre destination -- that people are destined from adam eating the apple,
and we are going to hell
-Luther came to this view becuse of the meaning of the reflection of god
-That god has to have the attributes of omniscience
-He was convinced that the majority of ppl were destined to hell and only few had deter-
mined to go to heaven
-Corollary doctrine: mass damnation - the ‘elect’ form of an invisible church for calivin
-Calvinism becomes a dominant faith in netherlands, england
-His teachings were critical In the english civil war
-Puritans - those seeking purity in worship and doctrine, wich to purge the protestant
churches of all reaming ‘popish’ corruption; refered to themselves as godly
-The social psychological consequences of the pre destination …
-The sect is a voluntary
-So the people would have this initial response of inner terror because he is
preaching the truth, so the majority of the ppl listening to his teachings are likely
to have an inner dread, wondering if they were a chosen one or the majority of
the damned
-It promotes this inner stress and anxiety and leading people into this quest to
find their standing of chosen or the damed
-No priest, sacraments, only their inner selfs can tell them
-Weber says pushing this inner wordly asceticism we are pushing this inner disenchant-
ment through the elimination of every ‘magical’ means and sol the efficiency of good
works - meaning Th. Powers of the church to save you are no longer being acknowl-
- Weber argues that prot will change mentalities and how they will relate to the world
around them
-The puritians have a hostility against ornamental flashy things
-i.e. How would you know if you were blind folded in walking into a catholic church and
a prot -- because, a cath has a lot more ornamental things i.e. Stainglass windows,
tabernacles etc
-Prot is more bare