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Rotman Commerce
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Jan. 26 Notes Burn Rate the money spent that you dont already have. Low cost, and an environmental niche Hires volunteers Organizational Structure Division of labour and specialization Adam Smith However, the extreme of that concept leads to a boring work style Case Study PMC Line Authority Which of the following is not part of functional strategy? A_ Marketing strategy B. Human Resource Management C. Blue Ocean D. Financial E. Research and Development Formal Hierachy Small span of control and inefficient, however information is accurate Standardized Check Lists are good for routine environments like pilots. Flat Organization lots of workers per manager Tall Organization lots of managers, few workers Buyers can exert power when... A. Many buyers are attempting to purchase your products B. They buy from one large supplier C. Your product is the main source of their income D. They have a large share of the market for your product Corporate Strategies: a. Establish positions b. Boost combined performance c. Capture congruence benefits d. Prioritize investments e. All of the above Porsche Functional Strategy: 6 weeks to 3 days to build a car. Efficiency ratings = 13 of normal person hours per car. They didnt reorganize their management entirely but made a turnaround in the 1990s. Siloes no communication or exchange between the siloes, a metaphor for a lack of communication in a business. A siloed organization is one which functions rarely get involved with one another and coordination is not evident.
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