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University of Toronto St. George
Rotman Commerce
John Oesch

Research Requirement 2% Each term: 1. Participate in 1 study at the Behavioural lab 2. write a paper analyzing a research article Marketing Studies Savings, spendings, consumer spendings towards food and gifts Management Studies interact with another participate, collaborate on tasks productivity, personality, conflicts How to sign up? First Term: Monday Sept 16th - Friday, November 22nd Second Term: TBA Where? 105 St. George St. Lower level, LL1015 Email: [email protected] Introduction to Commerce Adam Smith Capitalism: a set of rules, a legal system/framework that allows all enterprise to take place, permits free trade, wealth creation Wealth of a nation was measured by somebody who ruled by power (king/queen) not a zero-sum game; even when somebody gets really rich, everybody benefits from the added benefits Compeittion is a good thing; selection mechanism for the best to be selected Wisdom of the masks; to solve a problem, let the mark
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