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RSM - L12-13 [Jan 12 & 19]

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Rotman Commerce
Michael Szlachta

RSM Jan. 12 Midterm 2 o February 16, 2011 at 8:00 PM o No overlap from Midterm 1 (new content or extension of concepts) o 60 multiple choice questions Tutorials (3) for exam review during weeks of February 7, March 28, April 4 Competitive Advantage Differentiating characteristic Provides economic benefit Not easily duplicated Traditional Sources of Competitive Advantage Product or process technology Protected markets (regulation) Financial resources Economies of scale Management of work force A Congruence Model A general model of a business; a framework for thinking about the business as a total system. The business is a dynamic and open social system. For any business to be effective, its subparts must be consistently structured and managed. FIT CONGRUENCE Inputs Environment: o Socio-cultural Resources: o Financial o Natural o Human o Technology History: Strategy How the organization will configure its resources against demands, constraints, opportunities presented by the environment within the context of history.
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