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Rotman Commerce
John Oesch

RSM Novermber 10 , 2010 Case study: Queens Case - David Radler, Conrad black’s business partner. Donated one million dollars to Queens university. “David Radler Wing” - Radler was also guilty in the Hollinger fraud case, but since he testified against black, he only served a shorter period of time in prison. - Queen’s board of trustees, as a result of this, gave back the money (since it may have been from criminal activities) and took down the plaque from the building. - This helped restore Queen’s reputation and image. - How can one decide which decisions are ethical and which are not. Ie, Conrad black donated a great amount of money to sick kids hospital, they are not going to pay this money back and take down his name because it would take away from other important funds. -All these questions are solved through the use of ethics. Ethics vs. Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) -As businesses focus solely on profit, they are not obligated to take care of their social responsibilities. -As a result of this, we now face environmental concerns, moral sensit
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