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Rotman Commerce
Dan Dolderman

RubyMine“Mac OS X 10.5+”Keymap RubyMine“Mac OS X 10.5+”Keymap RubyMine“Mac OS X 10.5+”Keymap Editing Refactoring Search/Replace Space Basic code complet(nny class, method or variable name)F5 Copy F Find Complete current statement F6 Move G / G Find next/previous P Parameter in(within method call arguments) F6 Rename R Replace Jor Mid. button clQuick documentation lookup V Extract Variable F Find in path + mouse over code Brief Info C Extract Constant R Replace in path F1 Show descriptions of error or warning at caret F Extract Field Usage Search , N Generate code... (e.g. Rails Generators) M Extract Method F7 / F7 Find usages / Find usages in file O Override methods P Extract Parameter T Surround with.egin...end, if...then...end, etc.) N Inline F7 Highlight usages in file F7 Show usages / Comment/uncomment with line comment T ’Refactor this...’quick list / Comment/uncomment with block comment Rails VCS/Local History Select successively increasing code blocks K Commit project toVCS Decrease current selection to previous state Navigate to Rails model/view/controller etc. T Update project fromVCS F2 Preview RailsView in browser Show intention actions/quick-fixes . Insert in RHTML C View recent changes L Reformat code G Run Rails generator D View Diff I Auto-indent line(s) V VCS operations popup / Indent/unindent selected lines R Reload application sources in Rails Console R ’Ruby/Rails’quick list General X Cut current line or selected block to buffer 0 ... 9 Open corresponding tool window C Copy current line or selected block to buffer Navigation V Paste from buffer O Go to class S Save all V Paste from recent buffers O Go to file Y Synchronize F Toggle full screen mode D Duplicate current line or selected block O Go to symbol F12 Toggle maximizing editor Delete line at caret
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