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Rotman Commerce
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

CH17. THE CREATION AND DIFFUSION OF CULTURE Culture production system (CPS): a set of individuals/organizations responsible for creating a cultural product Cultural gatekeeper: they filter the overflow of information/materials to influence the products that are eventually offered to consumers (ex; movie, restaurant, car reviewers, DJs) Consumerspace: where customers act as partners with companies to decide what the marketplace will offer Art product: aesthetic object / Craft product: functional object Product placement: insertion of real products in movies, TV shows and books Advergaming: online games merge with interactive advertisement Innovation: new products/styles - Continuous innovation: modification of an existing product - Dynamically continuous innovation: more pronounced change in an existing product - Discontinuous innovation: it creates major changes in the way we live (airplane, car) Prerequisites for successful adoption - Compatibility: cream hair remover for men -> failed cuz too feminine - Trialability - Complexity: should be low - Observability - Relative advantage Diffusion of innovation: process whereby a new product, service spread through a population Fashion: process of societal diffusion by which a new style is adopted by some consumers Fashion system: consists of all those people/organizations involved in creating symbolic meanings
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