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MGTB23 (LECTURE 1) – SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 Managing People in Organizations Introducing: Micro Organizational Behaviour  Critical thinking: assessing/analyzing a situation based on a set of criteria (in this class, will be the theories we learn in OB) E.g. The newspaper article suggests _____, but academic journals suggest that ____ is good in this context, but _____ is better in this context, as suggested by these authors. In conclusion, the newspaper article is only partially correct TITLE SLIDE - nada SLIDE 1 - nada SLIDE 2 (A selected History) - scientific management: figures all people are the same; figure out the best way to do a thing and makes everyone do it - Beauracracy: centralized decision making: Rogers (“talk to my supervisor” * 298102498210) SLIDE 3 (Hawthorne studies) - need to have a control group where you keep everything the same except the independent variable, which will allow you to see if people are acting differently because of the variable, or because they’re being observed - learned that the greatest factor in the workers’ productivity was because of individual groups (e.g. teacher’s pets  rate busters) - learned i
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