RSM225H1 Lecture Notes - Cosplay, Narcissism, Digital Native

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Published on 26 Nov 2012
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Subculture: a group whose members share beliefs/common experience that set them apart from others
(ex; age, ethnic background etc)
Microculture: based on a lifestyle or aesthetic preference (ex; Fiero enthusiasts who share passion for
the Pontiac car manufactured by GM) (cosplay in Japan)
A marketer needs to communicate with members of an age group in their own language (ex; Sony held a
beach volleyball events -> more successful)
Age cohort: a group of consumers of the same/approximate age who has similar experiences
- Generation Y
Digital native: communicate through online/cell phone
Tweens: new term for 2 million children aged 10 to 14 btwn childhood/adolescence and
exhibit characteristics of both age groups (exert significant influence over their families’
Youth tribe: the essence of tribal consumption is that these products/services reinforce the
notion of belonging
Tribal gatherings provide manufacturers with an opportunity to strengthen the group
bond when they offer accessories
- Generation X (baby busters)
Older generation
Baby boomer:
The grey market: ‘people aged 65/older’
- Perceived age: how old a person feels
Marketers emphasize product benefits rather than age appropriateness in marketing
campaigns, because many consumers do not relate to products targeted at their
chronological age
Segmentation approaches begin with the premise that a major determinant of marketplace behavior of
older mature consumer is the way they deal with aging
- Social aging theorist: understand how society assigns people to different roles across the life
- Consumer identity renaissance: redefinition process people undergo when they retire (ex; they
engage in a host of related strategies including affiliation; where they reconnect with family
members and friends (in many cases, online)
4 basics conflicts common to teens
1. Autonomy / Belonging
2. Rebellion / Conformity
3. Idealism / Pragmatism - tends view adults as hypocrites, while themselves as sincere. They struggle to
reconcile their view of how the world should be with the realities
4. Narcissism / Intimacy teens obsess about their appearance/needs but also feel the desire to connect
with others