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Business Ethics: Ashley Madison
Deontology ethics depends on the duty, rights, and justice involved. The duty involves
vows and responsibilities, while right involves the freedom of association.
Virtue ethical if an act parallels the virtues expected by stakeholders (Societal norms,
owners, employees, members, community, institutions)
The business of ethics john
-your firm can buy advice from ethics specialists
-associations for the promotion of business ethics (not-for-profit) may also promote business
point of view ( is managed by Altria, a tobacco company
1. For a company to be truly socially responsible, the first step is (Chapter 3):
a)Appoint a director of CCCs social agenda
b) Management team develops a plan
c)Government identifies activities at CCC that need correction
d)Social Audit is Done
e)CEO supports CSR at CCC (needs top-tier support for a and b)
Perception vs. Reality
Perception Time Magazine honours whistleblowers, and Hollywood has made them
Reality the company views them as stupid or evil, not a team player, delusional,
Whistleblowers are harassed and ostracized, such as the NASA/The Challenger issue
Legislation Federal Accountability Act (only for the government), Public Sector Integrity
Commissioner (who must listen to your complaints)
2. Most companies that strive to be responsible to their stakeholder demonstrate concern to
all of the following groups except
c)Creditors (people who give you short-term loans)
d)Local communities
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