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RSM Oct.13, 2010
Case Reports
Individual assignment due November 19 at 11:59am to the Commerce Office
Must include a cover sheet (on Blackboard)
Guideline is maximum 4 pages, double spaced, 12 pt font, 2.5cm margins
You will be writing to the person who asked for your advice.
1.Statement of Issue/Problem
a.Choose one main issue, the one you find most important
b.The case may suggest more than one, but you should select ONE
c.This issue becomes the criterion for a successful recommendation
a.Explain the cause of your issue, how and why it is meaningful
b.Explain how action taken to date affects the current situation
c.Explain the current situation, how and why it affects the business
d.Explain why the person in the case now face your issue
e. Include some evaluation, and support your claims with relevant case facts or
course concepts (proof)
f. *DESCRIPTION is not analysis, so dont recite case facts. Add value by
writing your thoughts in well crafted arguments.
a.Provide a simple list of alternative courses of action that would address your
b.Should be feasible, realistic, and must address your issue
c.This should be a short list (heuristic: 3-5)
4.Evaluation of Alternatives
a.You will evaluate the merits of each of your alternatives
b.When outlining strengths and weaknesses, refer to the analysis you did
c.Explain why an alternative is strong or weak and refer to your analysis to
support it
a.Provide a course of action that you believe will best address your issue
b.One of your alternatives or some combination
c.Provide enough detail so the reader will know how to do what you recommend
d.Defend your suggestion (how and why will it work? Why is it the best? Whats
going to happen if it DOES work predictions?)
Details about Midterm 1
Oct. 27 7pm (1 hour)
No RSM Classes that day. EX 100 (Mccall Street
36 Multiple Choice Questions worth 18%
oChapter 1 5 Qs
oCh.2 6 Qs
oCh.4 5 Qs
oCh. 5 6 Qs
oCh. 18 4 Qs
oIntegrative Thinking 10 Qs
The three basic functions of money are
Role of the Government in the Sale of Liquor
Easier for suppliers to deal with
one enterprise
Volume discounts because LCBO
is the biggest purchaser of liquor
in the world
Earns money for the government
Privatization leads to poor
drinking habits
Liquor needs to be a
Difficult to start a business with wine
and suppress entrepreneurship
Limited access to products (time,
services, types of liquor, etc.)
Leads to the black market
Price control due the monopolistic
nature of LCBO
Many more jobs
Wealth Creation
Wealth is the annual produce of the land and labour society (Adam Smith).
Wealth Creation: combining materials, ideas, labour, and technology so that the output
can be sold for more than costs. (Buy Low, Sell High). This profit brings wealth to the
people and society involved in production. One of the ways businesses attract society.
Created by entrepreneurs, SME (small, medium sized enterprises), and Large
Requires: 1. Combination of inputs, 2. Supportive environment, 3. Means of production, 4.
Someone who will pay more than costs.
What responsibility do banks have to lend money to business during a recession?
The government does not tell what the banks should do during a recession.
Benefits of Wealth Creation:
Personal Income for labour
Social good (education, health care)
Asset utilization
Business income
Environmental good
Transactional and Income Taxes
Beneficial Technologies and etc.
Who Will Help?
-Large corporations may spin off smaller entrepreneurial groups (intrapreneuring)
-Investors (angels, venture capitalists, banks, etc.)
-Local, provincial, national governments (supply infrastructure, local tax incentives, etc.)