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Rotman Commerce
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Sources of competitive advantage: first 4 disappearing (not as important as they used to be)
Formal org: written down, informal: not written down
SWAT: strength,
Lincoln Electric Co
Leading supplier in welding tools
Market share and reven ue leader
Long term success
Lower costs while employinghighest paid factory workers in world
Individual and task (motivated by money)
Individual and formal org (peacework)
Infividual and informal org (fast and efficiency)
Task and formal org (trust each other -> peacework, depend on each other)
Task and informal org (respect, communication up and down)
Formal and informal org (loyalty, hired till death)
BusSpeak 100
Common catch-phrases/metaphors
Blue Ocean: marine metaphor; implies competitive env is a space, some crowded, seeks parts of spaces where
competitors not present
Technical evangelism
Worm Boy
Strategic thinking? Five Forces? Congruence? Formulation Plan? TeraCycles core comptetencies, evidence of
competitive/ corporate, functional strategies, succeed?
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