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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

1 Env100 nov 22 Danny beaton guest lecturer - next week talk about final exam - get test back next week too danny beaton did the introduction at wilmer book launch bartendar am I hearing voices- oh no the nuts are complimentary- attempt at humour we’ve looked at variety or worldviews perspectives- last week story of aborig elder- interviewing guy who made it his business to intervew native elders and record it so that future gen will know Mohawk activitsy env filmmaker .. some other stuff listed at 2 min Aborg achievement award for env actisim- defeding ont landscape from dumpsite 41- elmville ont- cleanest aquafire in wolrd- elizaneth may, david cromney,maude Barlow, aborig from island at 3.00? Megaquarry last year- invited students to learn about Chefs and thousands of activits who gathered to stop in primefarmland- today megaquarry has been stopped announced in star and globe He talks Im really honoured to be here – Nolan, other teachers Also wilmder here – hes 91, I strated travelling w him 20 yrs ago and started to rbing my wife up to geoergian bay about 13 yrs ago – we did a lot of travellignw hen first met and one time travelled up to cape crokaer and on the highway and I said we should pullover and phone one of my elders and see if he has room for us- wilmer in late 70s phoned him up and he goes oh danny we gota big teepi camp here about 25 teepess set up- comeover- and I brought my wife and our son and we went there and that was so powerful cause they had never slept on bearskins before- really an honour to be here after wilmer and to have someone like that work with him- steve- steve goes up there to – anybody who has a job and can go upt ehre- its very powerful and healing Our waters up north are very important to us, and our parks and territories and reseves and animals very important to us and fish and birds vegetation too Everything that’s antural is important to t us We eat the fish and sometimes I fish but normally if we go to wilmers place his sons have fishing boats and they always have a lot fo fish in the freezer and same goes for deer- lot of times got moose too- we always got good food and lots of berries for making juice or eating or just picking off trees- that very important ot us- when we go up there not only fresh air but fresh air and fresh water- water key- lotsof our pp live off water lots are commericla fsherman Wilmers kid are commercial fishermen- they have own stores and boats and sell own fish 2 Very sacred palce- if you have a chance I would encourage you to talk to your teacher and visit wilmer and find out the good places to go Very powerful to leave the city and be able to sit in the forest and spend time in natural world/env One of the first times id did meet wilmer 20 yrs ago when some ppl contacted us some obijways, that they wanted to have spiritual gathering on resevation on capecroaker- lot of ppl from ototornot contacted form cape coraker and I was one of them- I was pretty young back then- that was very important time for us back then- lot of speakers thatw ere contacted back then were contacted because about string concernf or peace lot of strife going on in Mohawk comm.- in new york- ppl having small civil war- lto of concern about gamblimg smuggling and illegal activies in native comm.- obibjway wanted ot help by holding peace gathering called dawnbin- in light of dawn- that was first time I met wilmer- he would have been in seventies and I was in 30s- the popel that came togheter came together to talk about peace and strife that was going on- also talking about mother earth- about global warming turbulent wether deforestation- lot of env problems- became a gathering of spirtual leaders who came to try to bring some peace ot probs going on in mohwak countr – that was where I met wilmeer and not only wilmer but Thomas berry steves teacher was there- our spritual leader tom porter was there – I think just by having that meeting were still doing that work- eveyrhting that we did over 20 yrs ago we still talk about values and concerns and thing that were said one of the most powerful things I learned was that end of fathering when a lot of peple had left and only about 100 left my elder tom prter gathered eveyrody and we all held hands and it was very powerful because id never seen circle like that before- he did thanksigivng address and I still do that ceremony and I still do that now and whenver im in ceremony I do ceremoies every Monday whwenever I have circles- I always ask my students to join hands- everything that went on- I can share that still and epole still are learning from that circle Just like we can learn from right here- it will becarried gone- when we are gone when wilmer is gone we will carry that story values spsirit on that we share with you we are sharing these values for live – were hsaring thes stories for life for justice ebcuase when steve introduced me he said im a fighter for env- they put me in prison for that- it wasn’t me who said put up roadblocks- they kept diggin up earth- iwas phorgraphing 50 trucks going back and forth- they were raping the water and farmland- we went there to stop them and they wouldn’t listen sometimes the farmers would come up to join us- 40 or 50 trucks in tractors would join us natives- we would shut down construction site then opp would come and shut whole town down- highway- cause we shut them down- that was our women one night we stayed up to midnight talking and women said we have to stand infront of gates and not allow it- and that night I remenber one of the firekeepres came up to me and said danny purify me – because the women want to blockade the gates of the company and I said well you purify me cause im gonna go with you- ere the firekeeprs wwe had already been camped out brunigna sacred fire for 2 motnhs- next day we went out and started blockading- women said we have to stand peacefully not raise our voices- thst tell them you cant- so we did that and then what happened was company made 4 gate so next day we went there at midnight and 3 stayed there till morning- they couldn’t get it cause we were lving there- at that point in protest at site 41 there was hundreds or thousands of ppl coming to join us on and off right up to last 4 moths- I stayed there 4 months until I went to prison- onylreason I went to prison was they wanted us to sign papers saying we wouldn’t protest and I wouldn’t – if you want ot protect env sometimes you have to make sacrifice- we tried long before proteste and blckade- wilmer and I went to env commisoners officeand see if he can help us- a woman came what was her anme? She came too from cape croaker was working for family cild services then- she helped to organize dawnbin back then – listen at 20 Basicallt he sid that his hands were tied- and wilmder laughed at him and we couldn’t get any help and I don’t think wilmer was as blunt about story as I am but that was reality and that’s reality today – its very hard ot get ppl on your side- but when you start looking and knocking on doors you build up a network- and that’s what we need ot do – be crative be positve- we just one victory w megaquarry yesterday- friend of mine asked 2 yrs ago to go to meeting on bay – bankers investors and farmers and env gathering trying to figure out how to stopit- id already eben asked to join 3 yrs ago but couldnnt came to this- corp from boston doing this buying destroying farms and 300 yr old trees wanted to dig up limestone what I really learned corp really terrotizing ppl- trying ti buy off community w endless money and also being funded by amrkets overseas- so I learned a lot of things from that struggle but biggest thing I learned was they were using fear trying to divide community- offer jobs to destoryf armland- after everyone finished at meeting I raised hand and said firsthting we ened ot do is get env reporters to sit down with us and tell them whts going on so we cang et this on front page we need to walk from Toronto to milanktin and have press conference in every town- explain the destruction and terrorism because boston company had endless money to buy land and water That was second biggest srtuggele that I had been involved in lately And its really good to see that people up in milanktin all the horse cattle ptotoato chick mushroom honey soya clover swuash beets farms- theres nough food up there to feed more than Toronto- what we were fighting was us company with endless money buying our farms to take limestone for profit- all I cansay is im glad farmers aren’t being terrorized anymore Any env problems a lot comes down to corp terrorizing ppl- if not with money w police and if not police if we outbumber them then they bring in military and that’s whats going on w wolrd Last time I spke here it was pretty much same thing- corp that were being negative- same kind of thing going on – is corporations that are exploting innocent ppl- ppl that live off land and water and forest and respect it Not respecting nature itself- if youre an envronemtalist which is very honourable subject and life ot live some of my elders have said being env one of the most important things we can do – heard many elders say it is most important- if you think about it everything that we survive comes form mother earth- eevertyhign 4 that we drink comes form mother earth so its very sacred and if youre an env these times are very powerful important- the thining is very important too- in our culture out elders teach us that in order ot be human being we must know how to use our minds in a good way- we live a life called the god mind and the good mind is very important to us- mind that we have for creation- whenver our ppl father up like this as soon as we come together all of our minds should be the same- all of our minds should be a mind of thanksiginvg of respect a mind of respect – so henever we gather like this whenver we gather up – 200 or 300 or 400 one of our elders will always stand up before start atalking about business or soc activieis and first thing will do is thanksigivng address because that’s the way we are – we are real human beings- we try to be real- because our minds were taught o think like that- of respect respect nat wolr-dw e know everything we get comes from ant world- whenojibway invteed us that’s…??? 30? Not unntarual people- not eveythting unnatural When we gather like natural people we are not unreal wheni come ehre I don’t come unreal- I called myself aborg world means real- have to know who you are in world – you have to know what is and what is not real Thes are the things huriting mother earth- don’t know When I elave oyu and if I never see you again just like when we gathered in bdawnbin- well still be doing ht esame thing- just ike wilmder when he orgnzied abdawknbin in his 70s- from all the things we benefit from and all the money we make and all the luxiries we have all we need to do is say thank you- learn how to use our minds to be real and in our way of life that thank you si the most important thing- as we wadner about ont his sacred mother earth we looka round us see new day for thi sacred day we darw minds together and we give great thanks q at 33 Wihotut vegetation we would not have fresh air – no phtosystheseis Without these plants we could not survive- that’s why we give thanks That’s whywe have relationship w plants- when I go to forest tommroow at house up in bruce pensula- the plants know me- we carry tabbaco with us to offer that to spirit of that plant to beauty of plant- for everything htat it does with us- that’s what wilmder saying- we need to have realtuonshpi w world- so plants will know us from minds listen 34 The fist time I go swimming in georgiran bay if I don’t have tabbco I offer my hair- becsaue im going in water and going to enojy it- the water the plants are medicine- all life movingon mother earth are relatives are meidicne too- as we wdner on sacred mother earth see sacred day listen 37 For it is ourrealtives that shrew this mother wearht w us in beaitful way of life- tahts what env is- when im gona you know how to be env- that’s why Stephen an Indian to me-just like my elders looked at Thomas berry like he was Indian- we never heard anybody talk like that before- that’s the kind of life/gifts we have- we can go against corporations- we can go against hugland comp up north- one person can do it- one toltstoy one Gandhi nelson Mandela- one man one woman- see how much 5 power you have- doesn’t matter how many billions you have- it doesn’t matter its about spriit- if you don’t take care of spirity you’ve got nothing- wilmder came here w his spirit- all we got is ur spriit say elders all I got to give you When you have a child then you have your spririt that you share and you raise that child with your spriit and you teach your child to be env to be a fighter to be a spiritual fighter- I never call myself a warrior everybody does- ive never called myself that- I am a spirital fighter- a peacekkeepet – mentally phys spirtiaully- I do spiritual – don’t raise your voice- but when you stand there together you can change the world you can change the world overnight if you all flip on your computers write a letter and htne stand in front of queens park and say no more pipelines your teacher knows about the pipelines we know about stuff going on- I didn’t know till steve told me some stuff- I thought barack obama was doing eveyrhting but he cant – he needs people like us to instruct him- what right and wrong – there has to be vale for life- cause what else is there- youre weak without that- all you have 42 listen We work with world- we eork with plants lakes rivers they have to know us- not just physical mental its spiritual- antural world has to know us when we do this work That’s all our greatest teachers saying to us We have to build on that relationship and produce listen 43 Firs tplants then water then our realtives then the earth then everything in the sky- the sun makes thing
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