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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

10/11/2012 11:05:00 AM Lect 5 Env100 test in exam centre oct 25- essay must have intro body conclusion Optional hour after test con holl dialogue Getting an email with notes from last lecture— Mariam diamond- prof earth sciences at u of t- 2007 can geographic scientist of year award- he co taught w her when first came to u o f t- he says began to look at world differently whe they worked together- science and humanities together- she has interdisciplinary understanding Get big pict of lecture- not little details Some of her research actually informs addition- we are addicted to our tech- hard time keeping attn focused- don’t like talking ot people- suttle diff behaviors can make it hard to stay in tune- related to chem. Contamients to which we are exposed Pcbs- study on adults found that exposure to these chemicals cause us to loose our memory- Flame retardents today- She was problem child- dropped out of school grade 10- didn’t get hihgh school degree but still got into uni- got phd- undergrad in mid 1970s did bio degree- premed wannabe- Loved profs in ebe dept- Harold Harvey- Margaret atwooods dad also in dept- heard about acid rain affecting lakes- and was concerned In 72- publication limits to growth- first whole earth mathematical systems model to project into future and say wait a minute this isn’t good we go t troubles coming- mathematics model limits to growth- 1900-2100 relative scale- bunch of diff sytems – population pollution resources per capita food production- unusual cause put all together and had to itnereact Industry had to confront finite resrouces Pop growth had to confront foodand pollution Not a pretty picture- doom decline Masters she looked at redpoll bird in Inuvik artic Canada- learned about candian artic, resource extraction , interplay between diff populations in Canada- ex convicts drive taxis in small towns… Then she started looking at lakes- goldmine on cognac river—fly in mine camp- and in sherrerville quebec- iron oar comp of canda had its iron mine- 91 she joined faculty at u of t- brought in to teach env science- then at innis- with that came family- two kids couldn’t do field work anymore and become concerned about chem. Contaminents everywhere except where people are living- like in actual backyard- literall her question what was in the park across her street- in parl sandbox- concerned about how get exposed to chem.- interuterine and others…. Her experienece a parent has had big impact on science she does - ervvything is opportunity for learning- connect the dots- toxical chemicals around us- vinyl binders, pleather garments cosmetics shower curtains flame retardents- couch of old person- metal springs covered with horse hair or cotton- cotton vs foam – more flammable- foam most flammable- made out of petroleum seats in this room- very flmmable- toxic quick smolder wood in old lecture hall- very flammable- slowly cleanly flame retardents in laptops make them not set of fire flame retardnets- chemicals put into products to retard them going up in flames diff varities but two types essentially -gas phase quencehrs- these are the ones we are concerned with- chemistry more complicated- flame comes into contact with flame retardent- chemical will strt coming out of foam and through decompostion will kill fire – bunch of nasty chem. Formed out of fire and interaction -particle phase quencher- builds barrier between heat source and material that can combust – intumescent char( inner marshmellow) chemicals that are and ones that are not chemically bonded- vinyl binder edges crack- rigid polymer- to make it flexible a plasticier is added- not chemically bonded to material- over time migrates out causing edge to crack couch and tv flame retradment not chem bonded – like to go into fat not air- so go into people and butter- over time flame retradment migrate out and go into butter and into her- chemical finds way into her fat and stays there- not metabolizable really- why does it matter- these chemicals cause endcrine modulation- muck up fetus- her kids were exposed while pregnant to chemicals since she wad flame retardent- if she had high lveles- when fetus gorwing up alteroid thyroid estogren/androgen horome if you much up thyroid system during preg- yours and babies- thyroid is key to brain development- when thyroid just a lil mucked up- cause changes or deficets in memoery learning lower scores on mental and physical development in kids born to plastiriced and flame retardnent mothers and not so developed- plastic from binder goes into you to pbdes- in food supply- how your kids will be exposed- we are all eating them- in us dogs cats and eagles cats high levels cause groom selves- lick selves and haiir has chemicals on them from dust from product cat food high… don’t know why increased incedents of thyroid probs in cats dogs and people very hard to document scope of problem women 18-35 have dramatically increasing rate of thyroid caner- no evidence to link- but lots of adverse health effects with these chems.. hgihg chance in late 1970s swedish researchers found flame retardents in lake sendiments- graph temporal trends concentration of pbdes 1970-2004- log scale- woiuld look exponential if not log- doubling time was 5 yrs- in milk blood tissue – doubing every 5 yrs in great lakes basin- other part of story that few popele are really highly exposed- breat milk measurements- super accumulators slide- 96 women tested- few really high researchq ask in her lab how do we connect a chemical that were sitting on getting into us? Not just migrating through chair into bum- its getting all over env and into food use a bunch of methodsin our lab- grad students doing maters and phds and post doc fellow who has come here to do research- use 1sampling analytical methods indoor outdoor and 2mathematical models chem. focus on in lab- brominated and chroloinrated flame retardents phthalates pbcs and pushes her buttons- oh its summer you must be off! No she does resrarch!!! When you have lab- its like running company- she goes out and gets grants and schmoozes networks politics employyeees who are grad students anc dhange deliverables- ethics approvals due dates no she doesn’t have the summer off! Research machine keeps going all the time human exposure- cenoeptual model- framework of research her group does talking about following a chemical- start stuff( anything tht contains flame retadent) – little bit of stuff is chemical we are worried about- the stuff that is not chem. Bonded- got stuff in anthroposphere(stuff)- statistically spend about 90 percent of time indoors- that’s where our time is and out stuff- sutff indoor to outdoor then from there to great lakes and if chem. Persistent and doesn’t break down itll get into food – aquatic food web or terrestrial food web presumably weve got lots of rules about these bad chemicals- health and safety vs actually banned….. stuff- this summer team xrf went out and zapped ahole bunch of stuff like shrek stuffed animal- xrf machine shoots beam and gets reponse back that tells you what element is in material- screening method to see if bromene in and if there is there might be flame retardnent csi ish to her—analysed whole bunch of products found that back of tvs have twice as much bromine as the bottom of firefighters boots- presumably flame retatdenet bromine what are we doing w data- compiled mass about pbdes in Toronto spacially highest mass in tvs computers furniture printers highest concern
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