ENV100H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Land Ethic, Smog, Homeostasis

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Published on 4 Dec 2017
! Scientist,*professional*game*manager*for*US*government*agencies*
! Quote*about*shooting*wolves*
o Thought*that*wolves*were*a*nuisance*to*the*farmers*and*hunters*
o Nuisance*to*the*hunters*because*they*competed*for*deer*
! “we*reached*the*old*wolf….*Nor*the*mountain*agreed*with*such*a*view.”*
! “first*stripped!bare…succumbed*to*starvation”*
o Because*without*the*wolves,*the*deer*were*taking*over*
! “thinking*like*a*mountain”*
1. Unreal*and*improper*self!understanding*of*our*role*
2. Neither*the*wolf*or*the*mountain*was*on*object*!*both*play*active*roles*in*
" The*mountain*“needed”*the*wolves*to*keep*the*deer*in*check*
o From*conqueror*to*“just*plain*member*and*citizen”*of*a*biotic*community*!*
o Self!defeating,*as*“implicit*in*such*a*role…*worthless,*in*community*life.”*
! The*biotic*pyramid*
o Omnivores*at*the*peak/top*!*the*wolf*would*have*been*at*the*top*
o According*to*the*biotic*pyramid,*the*most*important*component*would*be*the*
" Different*from*how*humans*view*the*value*
o Only*10!20%*of*consumed*food*contributes*energy*
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Env100h1 lec7 october 19th 2017. Aldo leopold (1887 1948) Scientist, professional game manager for us government agencies. Aldo leopold land ethic. We reached the old wolf . Nor the mountain agreed with such a view. First stripped- bare succumbed to starvation : because without the wolves, the deer were taking over. Conqueror : self- defeating, as implicit in such a role worthless, in community life. Different from how humans view the value: only 10- 20% of consumed food contributes energy. An extension of human ethics. A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. Moral right and wrong. What"s morally right and wrong can be ambiguous. Is looking at the other not only considering yourself. The effect of leopold"s land ethic. Not seeing ourselves as more important than the other aspects of the environment. Looking at the exclusion of some people in land ethics.

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