Social Ecology: Poverty/Misery Has everything that he pretty much said on the day of the lecture. Talks about view points on poverty and social problems in other parts of the world

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School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

ENV Social Ecology Poverty and Misery crises we face economic energy social edu moral ecological spiritual st1 visible characteristic of this type of society is that it produces poverty and misery yet riches the accumulation of wealth3 critical responses to todays society1 the liberation movements of the oppressed say that this society is not built on life common good participation or solidarity among human beings but on economy the powers and instruments that create wealth through the ravaging of nature and the exploitation of human beings the economy is directed by an ideal of development thats encompassed by 2 infinite quantities 1 Supply of natural resources 2 A wide open future of unlimited possibilities within this type of growth economy nature is simply a supply of natural resources raw material for the satisfaction of human desires this vision is instrumentalist and mechanical ppl animals plants mineralsIOW all living beings lose their autonomy and intrinsic value the primary critique posed by liberation thought it that this model isnt capable of creating wealth wo generating povertyit cant stimulate economic development wo producing social exploitation internally and globallynor is it democratic cuz it establishes a political system designed for control and dominance by the elite in liberal representative democracies or military tutelagethe liberations proposal develops a development to meet the needs of all not just the strong 2 Pacifist and the active nonviolence groups note that a society of unequal development generates violence within societies and nations and internationally this violence is a consequence from the domination of countries who are tech advanced over those who are behind in tech nd scn this promotes competition and violence the diff blocs of nations create a militaryindustrial complex fostering an arms race and the militarization of all existence even after the cold war millions of dollars were invested to the industry of death and only thousand to the preservation of the planet3 ecological movements maintain that current society and the prevailing type of development cannot produce wealth without destroying env the most abundant byproducts pf the industrial system are garbage toxic and radioactive wastes air contamination acid rain poisoning of land and depletion of ozone layer all adds to the destruction of world and life hunger disease lack of housing edu social crises are all ecological aggressions against humans An Immense Equilibrium Social Ecology poverty and misery and made by humans and society it wasnt predetermined ecology has to do with relationships between all things everything is interconnected in some way
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