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Reverend Billy’s Crusade against the “Shopocolypse” - “Religion of consumerism” decries Mickey mouse as the “ antichrist” and warns the imminent “ shopocalypse,” where by all persons, things, and values will be rendered mere commodities. - The Stop Shopping Choir and the Not Buying It Band to proclaim the gospel of non-consumption - The fist time since the Great Depression, us household personal saving are below zero and 60% of American consumers are venturing out to the malls this December with at least $13,000 worth of long- term debt on high-interest credit cards. They will spend half a trillion dollars and create 5 million tonnes of extra waste - Spurlock- Supersize Me- “ if you can make somebody laugh, you can make somebody listening Green Dreams: Religious Cosmologies and Environmental Commitments. - Harmony with creation is grounded deeply in ones relationship with the land. For most native americans, it is impossible to speak of a personal identity apart from the land. The land itself can health.. the land becomes the means for transcending time and reaching through other generations - “global environmental crisis”- according to the plurality of the worlds atmospheric scientists, we are, through fossil fuel emissions and other noisome activates altering the climate of the planet and forcing perhaps thousands of species into extinctions each year - Human pollution and destruction of habitat, ost conspicuously that of tropical rainforest. We are destroying these cornucopias of life and oxygen at the rate of one football field/second, an area the size of Austria, each yea. - Acid rain, overpopulation, poisoned air, ozone depletion, toxic waste sites, water contamination, poverty, militarization- we see environmental studies rivaling economics for the sobriquet, “the gloomy science” - The UN state of the World Reports over the past decade indicate an alarming statistic- 40,000 children younger than 5 die daily owning to environmental pollution , particularly tinctured water. - World religions are realizing that the ecological crisis runs along the same fault lines as social/political/economic. Racial, and gendered oppression. - “ An Open Letter to the Religious Community” signed by 32 Nobel laureates—mission statement- “ the partnership seeks to weave care for God’s creation throughout religious life in such a way as to provide inspiration, moral viisno, and commitment to social justice for all effort to protect the natural world and human well-being within it. - Scientifically, cosmology entails discerning the laws of the universe and viewing it as an ordered whole. Philosophically, as a branch of the metaphysics, cosmology examines the provenance and progression of the created world and the role of the human within it. - “Geologian” : Thomas Berry has claimed that the emerging universe should be our basic cosmological framework. This has been eclipsed, by another cosmology: consumerism - Using a cultural and scientific lens rather than sociological or economic analysis- he says that rather than viewing the universe as a “communion of subjects” as many religious tradition traditionally have, a consumerist cosmology sees it as a “collection of objects”. - The devastation of the planet that we are bringing about is negating some hundreds of millions, even billions of years of past development on the earth. Options for the poor and options for the earth: towards a sustainable solidarity - Some estimate the fatality toll no w lies between 16-300 with more than 500 inhabitatns “ injured for life”- Toxic gas leak from Union Carbides pesticide plant spewed into Bholpal india forming a deadly, enveloping fog. - Bhopal is thus a fitting starting point for a cosiderion of the nexus among poverty, social justice, and envionrmental despolitation - By adopingt a “preferential option for the poor,” liberation theologies were able to identitfy both the economic bias toward the affluent and the failed promises of prosperity ensuing from developmentalists desing. - Liberation theologians- is a foundational concept. In other words it is a corse , rather peripheral , precept for religiou reflection and can also be one I believe for enviornemntal studies Option or the poor: what is it - In order to “opt” for the poor, one must be “ non-poor” – in this sense the option for the poor, as orgingaly understood is an opporutingy for engaged compassion of the economically and socially privileged with economically and socially marginalized. - Gustavo Gutierrz- ‘ founding father” of the thology of liberation- breaks down the phrase to component parts: poverty and options - Poverty: while consisting of social, economic and potlilical deprivation- signified” death, unfair death and premature death of the poor. - Cultural death often marchs arm-in-arm with physical death. - Poor: are the insignificant, those with no ecclesial or societal heft. - A theology of liberation : history, polticas and salavation- he developed a notin of liberation with 3 interrelated dimension: 1. The hope of poor and oppreseed persons to achieve eco/soc/poly/cultural liberation2. He historical reality of poor persons taking the reins of their own destinies and expericing their agency as historical subjects 3. The emancipation , through jesus Christ from the bondage of sin. - Liberation means shaking off the yoke of econimc/soc/poly/cultural domination to which we have submitted - He critized key tenents of developmentlist theory: he noted how such theroeist claim that socities progress from pre-lierate to modern market economy in stages and that people of underdeveloped nations had to be involved in projects of political maturation to become “modern” persons persons, whose traits included a devfloped sense of punctuatlity, a more serious intrest in efficiency and a propensity to view the world as calculable. - “ self-relince and “ acheivent orientation” are essential characteristics of the modern person, arguing that if certain underdeveloped nations could be “infected” with “the need for achievement”, n enterpreuneral zip would beginto spur economic developing. - The developmentalist approach suggest that if a state were to merely create a set of conditions, follow a carefully procscired agend- the nation could achieve “ development - 10 years of developmentalist projects and green revolution agriculture and industrialization had yield not the bright promise of proserpty, but trade imbalance, hig
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