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Stephen Scharper

22) March 27 Moving beyond anthropocentrism Hathaway, Mark and Leonardo Boff (2009). “Proofs of Chapter 3: Beyond Domination.” In The Tao of liberation: exploring the ecology of transformation. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books. pp. 62 – 85. ▯ Lecture outline ▯ Doug Macdonald, introduction: . basic model used throughout the course of human world situated within nonhuman world; as previously stated, this is open to critique that the model is inherently anthropocentric be because it depicts the human world as distinct from the nonhuman - see reading, p. 478 ▯ . argument in Feb. 6 lecture that power of humans to damage the nonhuman is due in part to power of elites to control large numbers of humans organized into bodies such as state and firm - similar to the argument Simon will be presenting ▯ . Hathaway and Boff reading depiction of power, pp. 496-498, as three forms: . power-over p. 496 "restricts or controls ... through systems of authority and domination" . power-from-within p. 497"power of creativity, of healing, and of love" . power-with p. 497 "enables us to act in concert" ▯ Contrast this with Carter depiction of reading (Jan. 14 lecture, reader p. 45), based on Lukes: . First dimension similar to power-over . Second dimension a less visible form of power-over . Third dimension invisible; power which flows from unexamined assumptions of those upon whom power is exercised - similar to power-over, reader p. 497 "power-over... largely operates on a subconscious level" ▯ The two conceptualizations of power (Hathaway and Boff v Carter and Lukes) might be reconciled as follows: 1) both agree on the existence of power-over; both agree on the third dimension, but Hathaway and Boff see it as part of power-over, rather than a distinct f
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