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Karen Ing

Env 200 lec 4 jan 22  Systems o The planet’s env consists of complex network of interlinked systems ex: ecological webs, interaction of living species with surrounding landscapes, biogeochemical cycles, o Network of relationships among parts that interact and influence one another  There are parts in that system that influence and interact with each other  Feedback loops  Earth systems are usually: o Cyclic; goes through a cycle o Hierarchical o W.o human interference systems balance (but with regional/Local disparities in time and space)  Box and arrow diagrams are used to understand and predict system change o If flux rate (arrows) into the pool exceeds the flux out the pool grows  If more water goes into the water than coming out of the ocean, then your box (the pool of storage) will shrink  If u have less water than your box and more if coming then your box will grow  Flux in + flux out =steady state  We now have an element of predictability  We can measure rates of input And output and if they are no equal, we can predict the changes that will eventually have to show up in the pool  Residence time tells how long a particular element will remain in a pool (this is how we know how long it would take the atmosphere to return to normal if we stopped loading it with co2)  We measure residence time by: o The avg amount of time that a thing spends in a particular system the capacity of the system divided by the rather of flow of particles through the system  Positive and negative feedback loops o Feedback loop  Circular process o Positive feedback loop  Change becomes more pronounced o Negative feedback loop  Change is reduced or inhibited  Positive feedback; leading to divergent behaviour o As long as we get divergent o That the system is changing there is not positive or negative connotations associated with the axis; that causes change in your system o In everyday language we may use positive feedback to describe something good that has happened o There is no good or bad when we are speaking of positive feedback in system, there is just hcange o Ex: of + feedback  Exponential growth in human pop
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