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School of Environment
Karen Ing

ENV 200 Lecture 1 Jan 10  In 2005, Caligofrnia gov Arnold Schwarzenegger declared “ the debate is over. We know the scn. We see the threat posed by changes in our climate”  But recently progress has been stalled by climate deniers  Campaign of doubt-mongering tactics  Many American public accept the denies allegations as true or at least are confused by them o Result: do not know what to think or who to trust and stalls the whole process  Media tends to report on items that will capture the readers attn ex: new discoveries, controviersies, fringe scn o Not always even converage o Be aware of junk scn, intentionally biased to support particular agenda o Uses scntific tools to sway public ex: climate change  Authority figures are used in the absence of real evidence o Questionable creditinals o Reasoning and evidence is rarely publicly examined o Reinforces parody of scn  They will use charts and graphs just like actual doctors they might have the phd but what is his phd
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